JinGuan Plum Candy with Brown Sugar 黑糖話梅

I wasn’t going to blog about this candy, but since Mr Bear had one he couldn’t stop eating them. He actually went to China Town to buy them and I’m not sure how many packets he bought, but apparently he went twice to See Woo Supermarket to look for them!! Mr Bear never usually likes dried Chinese plums as they usually have this salty taste with a kind of sweetness to it plus there’s always a pip in the middle… But he really liked this one! (He doesn’t even sit in the same office as me anymore, but still gets to eat all of my snacks!! ¬,¬””). He took one of my pot noodles the other day. Must ban Mr Bear from entering my office!! 😀

On the packing it says 黑糖話梅 (Canto: hak tong wa mui; Mando: hei tang hua mei) “black-sugar-dried-plums”, but it really means brown sugared dried plums.

Plum Candy with Brown Sugar

The back of the package

Well these tiny plums are coated with brown sugar. As you put them in your mouth you will think what the heck did I put in my mouth?! It tastes of a creamy brown sugar coating (a bit like Werther’s Original) with a bit of the salty / sour taste of the plum… It is quite delicious and for me it quenches my thirst! If you crunch it in the end you will taste a lot of creamy brown sugar!!

There’s more than 3 in packet, so don’t worry… they do taste nice!

Looks odd, tastes a little odd, but you might start getting cravings for them!

Pregnant ladies in China love dried plums, that’s without the brown sugar. I don’t know why. And it’s Mrs Travels favourite snack of all time! Must buy these for her when I visit her in France next time. 😀

Price: Forgot… less than £2 though
Where to buy: See Woo Supermarket

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