Maryland Gooey Cookies

Spotted these in Tesco the other day. I was quite happy and I wanted to try something new! 
Maryland Gooeys
Cookies are another favourite for me. I love soft dough…
When I opened these, there were only 10 cookies. I think they’re a bit expensive for 10 pieces of cookies. But nevertheless I had to try them!
Hmmm… not my type of cookies, they tasted a bit on the stale side. It feels as if you have to have them with a hot cup of tea or coffee and dunk those cookies in. But the gooey chocolate inside made it a little better! That was the most interesting part of this biscuit. ^_^””
Bad closeup

Look at that gooey centre!! Woooow!
Not buying these again. Will buy the regular Maryland Cookies instead!!
Price: £1.98
Where to buy: Tesco