Halloween Treats 2013

It’s Halloween time!! f(O_o)f  f(O_o)f  f(O_o)f
For supermarkets it always starts early buy not early enough before the Christmas treats start in September! So here’s some treats I’ve found…
How interesting. I’m sure supermarkets have been doing this for ages, but I’m a grown adult who’s going to have some fun decorating a Gingerbread Bat! Only costs £1.55…
Decorate your own Gingerbread bats

Sprinkles and icing included

Decorating is fun!
It was fun decorating this bat but need to enjoy them with a hot drink.
Next is this Jaffa Cake Bar Lemon and Slime. These are quite boring for me actually. Tastes like normal Jaffa cakes with coloured jelly inside. The slime is yellow but you need to dissect the whole thing to seeit! Only cost me £1.
Jaffa Cakes Lemon and Slime

Jaffa bars with yellow slime
Last treat I got are these Cadbury mini rolls. Very normal jam and cream chocolate roll. Have nothing much to say about these. Pretty normal, and suitable for a lunch box! Cost me £1.
Ordinary mini rolls

But I love this packing!!! 

Chocolate mini rolls
Quite boring this Halloween although the packaging is very colourful.
Well, have a Happy Halloween whatever you’re doing!

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