The M&S Christmas TV advert 2013 – Believe in Magic and Sparkle

The Christmas adverts have started for 2013!!!
The first one to start off  this year is with Marks and Spencer. They’ve decided to not do a foodie one again. 😦 I long to watch an M&S advert featuring salivary-statisfying food for Christmas… but I guess they’ve stopped concentrating much on the food and more about the clothes (I think I wrote something similar last year)! I do love the clothes as well as the food, but the FOOD is more satisfying for a Christmas advert. ^_^
Well, what have M&S decided to do this year? It’s a mixture of fairy tales. And I actually like it. With or without the food, this is a really good 2 minute advert. It’s better than the one they did last year…
Here’s a long summary of the advert: The leading actress/model runs for her little West Highland white terrier (who has no name yet in the advert… but I shall call it Toto – an appropriate name for this advert)… The actress somehow falls into the big drain hole (I seriously don’t know how). The drain becomes a wardrobe with floating cosmetic objects, there also must be an invisible wardrobe assistant as the actresses clothes are taken off and she then appears as Alice in Wonderland in a blue dress… Alice is offered to take any gift from the table, and so she takes the bag (which definitely matches the dress!) but a jealous member of the table decides to throw her cards at Alice who then runs off swaps into a red coat and is now Little Red Riding Hood without the hood… She thenfinds The Gingerbread House! She immediately enters and then the carpet moves… and Gretel becomes Jasmine from Aladdin (I think) who shows off her new bra, accessories and robe. Jasmine hits her herself on a cloud, then falls back down to the ground changes into a white dress and becomes Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and walks down the yellow brick road with her companions to meet the wizard who happens to be Helen Bonham-Carter (who never changes style and the only person who has any dialogue in the advert)… Dorothy makes her wish by tapping the back of her red shoes, and then appears from a builders tent. Helen Bonham-Carter appears and is holding Toto and gives it back to the actress…

It’s a fun advert, the clothes are spectacular and hopefully people will start thinking about buying new clothes for Christmas parties and as gifts (as well as the gorgeous food they have in store)… And thankfully they decided not to do a music mash this year…! I actually smiled and giggled after watching it the first time round. 
BUT I really wish there were more food adverts – pretty please!
Can’t wait for more Christmas adverts to come out especially the international ones!! 😀 … Who will be next in the Christmas advert wars?