Wagamama and PAUL Bakery – London Covent Garden

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out and about eating out, the last time was at the Czech Club. Everybody seems busy, but I have this feeling it’s going to be a busy Christmas affair this year! I’ve already had Miss Pinky, who I shall convert to calling Miss Picky if she doesn’t stop being so picky, being demanding of my time… And also Miss Posh (who I went out with to Burger and Lobster last year) is being demanding of my time too!!! Arrrgh! Anyway…
Yesterday I went out with Mr Games and Mr Sensible. Both had operations last year and they were celebrating their survival. Lol!! It was very short notice so I was the only one who ended up going out with the two. ^_^
We first went to Wagamama in Covent Garden. I always pass it, and I never go in. I think this is the fifth Wagamama I have visited in my whole entire eating life. Since I’ve already written about Wagamama before, I’ll go straight to the food.
Mr Games and Mr Sensible both had the chicken katsu curry. It seems nearly the whole restaurant was ordering the curry that night. But lots of kids were eating the noodles. Mr Games also had some extra pickle (I think it’s called fukujinzuke) but I think I lost the picture on my phone…
Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry

Whilst the two boys dug at their food I had to wait for mine… It seemed like forever, and I was actually a little hungry that night! I had the NEW grilled duck ramen (I obviously checked out the menu before I came). I was quite happy that I ordered this dish although it arrived warm and not steaming hot as it was probably sitting by the kitchen for 5 minutes. 😦 You know what, they should get themselves a tiny bell like those big and some small restaurants have to indicate when food is ready!! Enough complaining!!

Wagamama’s Grilled Duck Ramen

Small bowel of kimchi fo £1

The duck was well seasoned, it was succulent and easy to bite into. It had a little fat on the skin, but I didn’t mind that. The noodles were ok… nothing much to say about that. The soup was so so. I thought it needed some extra kick in it, maybe a little more stock to coincide with the duck, but it was a little spicy as there were chillies in the soup. They added way too much coriander in the dish too… I don’t think this dish is supposed to be Vietnamese, or is it? The dish cost £12.95…

Total price came to over £37 including our drinks.

On this visit, my geeky rating: 3/5
Address: 1 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PG
Telephone: 0207 836 3330
So the night was too early to end without a dessert. We were all still hungry. Mr Sensible mentioned that we should have had some sides at Wagamama… I agree there! We passed the centre of Covent Garden where they were holding a mini concert, the lights were up and the Christmas tree looked wonky from where were standing (Mr Games pointed that out!). Hahahaha!!
The lights in Covent Garden 2013

Tree was a bit wonky

Marching band getting ready to play

We were deciding between Patesserie Valerie and other dessert stores…
Didn’t enter Patisserie Valerie… Limited desserts available

And we ended up in PAUL Bakery. This is one of my favourite French bakery stores in the entire world! Mr Travels used to treat me to cakes from there… And every time I pass any Paul Bakery, I have wanted to stop, eat and enjoy a nice cakey dessert but never did… ^_^

PAUL Boulangerie / Patisserie (bakery)

Inside the shop

Our purchases

We were all deciding, and I knew I wanted a cake… Mr Games was paying too!! 😀 This is what he had…

Mr Sensible had this giant green macaroon. I’ve never tasted macaroon, but I got a bite of this. It’s really sweet. I have no idea why I’ve never tried it before! I think I will buy some from somewhere in the future.
Massive macaroon!

Mr Games wanted an eclair, so he chose this almond eclair (Éclair Paris Brest)… I only tasted the almond as he said it tastes like Ferrero Rocher… Yep it did!

Éclair Paris Brest

And of course I was the greedy one. I asked for two desserts but the person gave me one… and then I asked for the other one which I paid for… The person gave me this fig custard tart (Figue Tartlette) first, but I ate this last. Figs were nice, the custard was set and the crust reminded of a thick apple pie crust. Very nice stuff! ^_^

Figue Tartlette

If I ever get married or have a birthday at PAUL Bakery or if anyone wants to treat me I’m going to order big slices of this cake… Le Fraisier… This is the ultimate light fluffy cake with strawberries and cream with a green marzipan icing that tasted a bit like kiwi… I was in dreamland with this cake… (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Le Fraisier – £3.50

We were all so full. My stomach was satisfied!

Don’t know how much all the desserts were but the Le Fraisier was £3.50.

My geeky rating: 5/5… 100%… that’s how much I love this bakery!! ^_^ (So biased I know!)

Good points:

– Tasty, tasty desserts

– I just want more cake!!

Bad points:

– None from me!!

Address: 29 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9ED
Telephone: 020 7836 5321 / 020 7836 3304

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