Super Junior 슈퍼주니어: Super Show 5 Concert 2013 – London Wembley Arena

After being disappointed with Mayday’s concert being cancelled in September I got a chance to go and see a different concert. A totally different one. A Korean one. The one I have been waiting for, for a few years!! Super Junior 슈퍼주니어!!! I actually have to say thanks to my mum, MummyGeek. She followed me to China Town two weekends ago, and I saw a poster in a restaurant we were just about to enter in. Yay!! ^_^
If you have never heard of Super Junior, then you’re missing out! I would say they are the most wanted boy band from South Korea to perform worldwide. They are not as “popular” as PSY worldwide (they ARE really popular worldwide), but they are very, very BIG in Asia! And I mean BIG!! The Asian, as well as the Korean community LOVE these guys, and I have to point out that their most popular song is Sorry Sorry (Mr Bear’s favourite Super Junior song). We’ve been fans since 2008 by the way!!
Right, so who are they? Well, originally they were a boy band of 11 who were going to be doing various projects, one would be removed and another would be added in. But that all changed as their fans known as the E.L.F (ever lasting friends) made it clear that they did not want any changes… although their management SMTown decided to add one more band member who sings very, very well!!… Then there was 12 of them… As they were so big, they split into small groups to sing different genres and reach out to different parts of Asia. They even have a Mandarin group – Super Junior M where they’ve added two more Chinese members. One of the original members who is Chinese left the band and sued the company as he was being mistreated… You can find more on Wikipedia about their entire history.

Members are Leetuk (who is the leader and not in this tour… he’s in military service at the moment), Donghae (my favourite member!!), Shindong (the chubby one), Kangin (the one who got into trouble), Ryeowook (Mr Bear’s favourite member), Sungmin (he’s a cutey), Heechul (the one who loves to dress up), Yesung (he has a very gothic look), Eyunhyuk (the rapper and has very good dance moves), Siwon (the tallest member), Kyuhyun (the last member to join the original group), Kibum (the one who turned into an actor but is still a member of the group), Hangeng (the Chinese one who sued SMTown and left the group)… and Henry (the Canadian-Chinese who is more in Super Junior M but appears in South Korea a lot) and finally Zhoumi (also from Super Junior M!).

Super Junior will probably be the only boy band (where all the members are younger than me) who will be my favourite Korean singers and entertainers forever!!
It took me a while to convince Mr Bear to come with me to this concert. He is an absolute fan. He would sing and show off some of his dance moves in the office, and I would just glare… Why did I get him into this boy band I tell ya?! But yes, he had to come. I didn’t care if he was going to block someone else’s view, he just had to come!!… Tickets booked, but on the day before the show I was told by an automated message to go to the Box Office to change my tickets. I was being upgraded… Not enough fans going and the back of the arena was sealed off… (I didn’t like being upgraded by the way, some girls were blocking my view… Had to stand most of the time!!)…

Mr Bear and I had food at Tai Tip Mein before we went… and thankfully we made it in time!!

Before the start of the show

Lots of fans standing

The back of the arena… Cameras ready to go!

Audience started to fill up

The show is about to start!!! Arggggh!!!

Just wanted to point out, Super Junior performed in Mexico a few nights ago, and had arrived in London yesterday morning… They must be extremely tired… 😦  SMTown, you’re killing them by not giving them enough chill time!!

The show started at 8pm. There was a long intro before SuJu (short for Super Junior) came out… There were only 8 members who came to perform: Eyunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin, Ryeowook, Shindong and Kyuhyun… Here’s some maybe awesome pictures of the night! Hope you all enjoy…

Super Junior!!! ^_^

Lots of SuJu fans

 There’s a lot of pictures following of SuJu dancing…

From left to right: Eyunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin and D

At this point, the members were introducing themselves in Korean and English… Donghae speaks very good English… I think from the screaming of the fans everybody loved Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun and Eyunhyuk!! 😀

Four of the members (Siwon, Kangin, Sungmin and Ryeowook) all dressed up as women… I think it’s more for their male fans or cosplay… I don’t know why South Koreans do such things… It’s for fun anyway!! 😀

Donghae and Eyunhyk are singing a duet…

Eyunhyuk meets the crowd!!

Donghae and Eyunhyuk singing “Oppa Oppa”!!!

The others joining in on the “Oppa Oppa” 

Siwon and Shindong!!

Eyunhyuk stripping off his t-shirt

Siwon and Eyunhyuk topless ^^

Wooky!!! ^^


The audience!!!!

What is Shindong and Ryeowook doing?

Ryeowook doing the love sign ❤

This was the end of the show 😦 … We want to see more!!!

Encore Time!!!!!!

Back on the stage… woohoo!!

Eyunhyuk lying on the floor

And then he sings

SuJu want to rest…

At this point my camera died… and now I’m using my phone camera…

Now it’s the final goodbye…

EXO members were in town to support SuJu!! ^^ I had no idea who they were until Siwon said EXO!! Hahahah… EXO are a boy band (like SuJu) created last year…

Suho and Kris from EXO

Suho from EXO

Kris from EXO

My final picture!!!

Well that was a SUPER long concert!! I have never been to a concert this long before. The fans were screaming and screaming for more!! My eardrums were near to exploding!! I enjoyed every minute of it even though I had a blocked view from many female fans in front… and don’t worry, Mr Bear did not block anyone’s view… They blocked his view instead… 😦

I will post the videos later, as they will take time to upload… ^^

I hope SuJu will definitely come back in the nearest future with the missing members!!! They must keep their promise!!! ^^


Update 10.25 am 

Here’s the videos you Super Junior Fans!!!

Video 1 – Sexy, Free and Single

Video 2 – Spy

Video 3 – Oppa Oppa

Video 4 – Wonder Boy

Video 5 – Forgot the name of this song!! Help me out fans!!… It’s called Sunny!! (Thanks YouTube user pineapple04) ^^

Video 6 – Sorry Sorry… (Sorry for bad quality… Girls were screaming and in my way!)

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the videos. Lets hope SMTown will give them a big break AND make sure they do a big European tour next time!