Sainbury’s Christmas Advert 2013 – Christmas in a Day

¬_¬” I wonder why companies have advertising teams. Storming a Christmas idea for an advert may be difficult… But really Sainsbury’s? One of the most renowned supermarkets in the UK. A supermarket that has the most expensive products. They must have money to come up with something better than this!!
It seems like this year for supermarkets, it’s more of a family orientated affair. I don’t disagree on the subject, but the content on the advert just totally bored me to death. It’s worse than the Tesco one! (I bow my head in disgrace to a company that sells good quality food…)…
The whole advert is full of small clips of families gathering for Christmas, singing, gasps of getting a present, disliking presents… and nothing much else to do with Sainsbury’s.
Is there a Christmas advert out there this year that’s going to WOW me? Fingers crossed there is!!

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