WONKA chocolate bars

Taking a break from adverts for a bit… Onto chocolate!!
I had no idea Mr Sensible was reading my blog… he said he likes the chocolate posts where I’ve taken pictures of the chocolates close up. Heheh… so this post is for him…
Not sure how long these have been out for, but I thought I might as well try them out since they were sitting in the till section in Morrison’s and they had to be bought to be tried out for this blog. XD
Wonka Chocolate Bars

Diagonal View
Wonka bars are named after Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl… I used to love the 80’s film. When I first watched it, it was just awesome!

The first one is this Chocolate Nice Cream. There’s an outer layer of milk chocolate, an inner layer of white chocolate and a soft gooey chocolate inside. I like this!!
Chocolate Nice Cream

A head and a hat

Layer of white choclate

Topped with chocolate cream
Millionaire’s Shortbread has an outer of rich chocolate with an inner layer of shortbread. I don’t like this as much as the Nice Cream. It’s too rich for liking… It also gives this taste that makes me go yuuuuck.
Millionaire’s Shortbread

Close up of Millionaire’s Shortbread

Inner layer of shortbread
The Creme Brulee one is sweet, not rich, has a little crunch to it, and I like it. 
Creme Brulee

Close up of Creme Brulee

Inside the Creme Brulee
All of them cost me £1 each, I would probably buy the Chocolate Nice Cream again… but they are definitely not my favourite chocolates. Not sure why Nestlé likes to make their chocolates as sweet as possible. Some tester has their sweet-tooth set on ULTRA SWEET!!
Here’s a special treat for fans of Aaron Kwok 郭富城… He is my childhood / teenage Hong Kong idol. Love his songs, his dance moves, his acting… I just love Aaron Kwok!! I have to thank @gwai_zhi Twitter follower too for mentioning this to me!! I stood in the cold London weather at Cineworld in Haymarket for a good 45 minutes waiting for him… He whizzed past me, so my two pictures here are not that great!

Aaron Kwok arriving at Cineworld in Haymarket for the Chinese Film Festival closing ceremony

Aaron Kwok whizzed passed us!!! No stopping!!!

4 thoughts on “WONKA chocolate bars

  1. Ah sorry!! I was editing the photo and put the deleted pictures up! Here he is!! :DNeed to watch BBC later… Was busy blogging.And yes, it's already cold in London. Going to snow soon XD


  2. Ari

    That's a lot cheaper than they're sold for in Sweden. I had to pay 3 pounds for my Millionaire's Shortbread. Those chocolate bars are specially imported though.


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