China Town Summary 2013 (Chinese shops/restaurants)

A couple of months ago (that’s a long time ago) I sent my brother Mr Stingy on a challenge, and he failed. I asked him to take pictures of all the Chinese restaurants, Chinese supermarkets and Chinese stores… Well he missed a few!! (We skipped the Japanese, Korean, Thai and Malaysian restaurants – not being biased or anything since China Town is supposed to be for the Chinese in ancient times… ¬,¬””). There are a few still missing I believe… (this doesn’t include all the backstreet stores)…
I have sectioned the below into supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bubble tea places and snack stores. Some of the places I have blogged before but I have added here as a summary… Pictures are going to be small, because there’s a lot to go through!… Also I haven’t added the addresses and telephone numbers for each place, you will need to research that yourself!! 😛
Bakeries / Cafes

Golden Cake Dessert House

Kowloon City Bakery

Sun Sai Ki Wah Chan Teng

Wonderful Patisserie

Chinatown Bakery

Sun Leun Snack Bar

The other entrance to Sun Leun Snack Bar

Golden Gate Cake Shop

Supermarkets / Snack Shops

Oriental Delight – snack store

New Loon Moon Supermarket

Loon Fung Supermarket

Yuan Guang Supermarket

See Woo Supermarket

Mini Market – this is the back streets, so you will need to find this one…

Bubble Tea Shops


Up… T

Cuppacha – already blogged about this

BobaJam on Charing Cross Road… There’s one on Shaftesbury Avenue too!!

The Restaurants

Never realised how many restaurants China Town have!!

Golden Day

Young Cheng on Shaftesbury Avenue – already blogged about it…


Little Wu

Wong Kei edit: (changing management ¬,¬)… will blog about this place one day when the changes are made.

Young Cheng on Wardour Street

Hung’s – already blogged about it

Cafe TPT

Dim Sum Palace – already blogged about it, I think it’s still closed… CLOSED

Hong Kong Diner

Mr Wu

Gerrard’s Corner

Kowloon Buffet – this one is next to the bakery

London Chinatown

Golden Dragon – already blogged about it

The Black Bean

Royal Dragon

Oriental Dragon

Dumpling’s Legend

Golden Pagoda- already blogged about it

Moatai Kitchen

Leong’s Legend

Four Seasons


New Look Lam Moon



New Loon Fung Restaurant right next to the supermarket!

Feng Shui Inn

Harbour City Restaurant

Friendly Inn …. I think this is closed down!! Edit: Reopened!!

Wan Chai Corner – this is very new

New World – already blogged about it

New China


China Buffet

Can’t see the name of this one! Edit: Not a restaurant… it’s an agency of some sort!!

Some snack stalls

Jen Café

Leong’s Legends Continues …

Imperial China

Hing Loon


Young Cheng in Lisle street

Mr Kong

Super Star – Already blogged about it

Manchurian Legends

Tao Tao Inn

Hong Kong Buffet

Er Nei

Fu Zhou



Baozi Inn

Real Being Restaurant

Red Hot

Plum Valley

Oversea Chinese Restaurant – newly refurbished!!

If I have missed out any, please let me know, and I will take a picture and amend!!!!