Gusto Italian Restaurant – London Camberwell (NOW CLOSED)

Update 25/03/2015: Unfortunately this place has closed down and is replaced by a Lebanese restaurant…

I rarely go out to lunch during workdays but this was an opportunity I did not want to miss, and I actually turned this done the previous week because I thought I was going to out with Mrs Hen to eat Chinese food… Unfortunately that didn’t happen, so thankfully I went out to lunch.

This place Gusto is a new Italian restaurant in London Camberwell SE5. I can’t even remember what was there before it became a restaurant! It’s been opened for a good few months but I never had the opportunity to eat there. Was going to go with Miss Posh, but I was too busy (and I still haven’t met up with her yet!). So this time I went with two female colleagues (Mrs Jewelry who likes to make bracelets and necklaces and Ms Pâtissier who likes to bake cakes and cook all sorts) and Mr Bear.
Gusto Italian Restaurant in London Camberwell

I rarely eat Italian food outside because you can easily prepare food like this at home… So off we went… When we got there I realised I left my phone in the office, so all these pictures are taken with using Mr Bear’s phone…

The seats are like lounge setting type… Comfortable…

Nice light bulb!!

The condiments
The chef at work

It actually took us a good 5 to 10 minutes to decide because the amount of choices was a lot than what I would have expected in an Italian restaurant. After we ordered there was a long wait for the food. I was getting a bit peckish. There was only one chef… And this is what we had…

My Cabanara came out first. I wanted to eat this with spaghetti as I kept seeing Korean dramas of people eating spaghetti, and I wanted cabanara!! Unfortunately it was warm when it came out, not piping hot like you would expect it to be. The sauce was nice (I could have licked my plate in the restaurant), the spaghetti was al dente and the ham was delicious… Not bad, but could have been hot.

Ms Pâtissier had the Lasagne Bolognese with spaghetti. This also reminded me of all the Korean dramas that featured Spaghetti Bolognese as they would mix the mince into the spaghetti rather than dump the sauce and mince on top like most people do. When I make mine, I mix it in then serve it. Never got a taste of this, but Ms Pâtissier finished it! Must’ve been good!

Lasagne Bolognese

Mr Bear had this Pratto Verde which consists of ham, spinach, garlic and cream… He said it was good, but not great… I thought he was going to lick the plate after he finished his pasta but he didn’t. He really loves spinach!

Pratto Verde

Mrs Jewelry ordered the Gusto Italy pizza without the artichokes. She ate half of it and started picking on the toppings… She didn’t finish it, but says it was lovely… I think all of us could’ve finished it for her but we didn’t. XD The pizza does look good though! Must try one of them next time…

Gusto Italy Pizza without artichokes

All together it came to a cost of £31.20 but in fact we got a 15% discount! So the cost came to £27.14. I love discounts. Need to go there more often… ^_^

They are currently booking for private Christmas parties, so book now if you want to have an Italian party!!
My geeky rating: 4/5 Make that 4.5/5 from January 2014
Good points: 
– Polite service
– Quiet restaurant
– Nice and clean 
– Pasta sauce for my cabanara was excellent!
– I also recommend the garlic bread and lasagna bolognese – these were hot!!
Bad points:
– It was good food but mine was a bit too warm
– Food took a little while to get to our table as there was only one chef.

Address: 55 Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8RS
Telephone: 020 7701 8103

Edit 15/01/2014:
Just want to point out that I went again to Gusto with Ms Pâtissier last week, and this time we got there they had one customer, got served a little quickly, and I realised they were doing a 15% discount throughout the whole of January. Must also point out that their Lasagna Bolognese is the bomb!! Sweet tomato sauce and lots of cheese. I really felt like Garfield enjoying lasagne. (^_^)b Garlic bread was also served like a pizza. OMG. That’s a lot!! PLUS they have started serving breadsticks. Ms Pâtissier had a pasta (obviously) but I forgot the name of her dish. She couldn’t finish hers as there was just too much garlic bread… So now I’ve upgraded my geeky rating to 4.5/5!
From top left: Breadsticks, pasta with ham and mushrooms, lasagna bolognese and garlic bread with mozzarella 

I want more lasagna!!