Some More Poster Adverts

The Geek is going on one more holiday this year, so just before I step out the door, into a cab and get on a plane out of here for a week and a half I’m posting this… I will also post some whilst I’m on holiday (taking my netbook with me!)…
Here’s a few ads I saw around Elephant and Castle…
This first one is from Honda. I like its light amusing way of trying tell us that Honda are trying to be economically friendly with their cars. Anybody driving this car? Is it true that the less fuel you add in the more driving comes out? How far can you travel to a normal car? And how long will that fuel last for? It’s one of those questionable type adverts… It makes you want to research for more!
This one is from Wickes. This is quite unique. Did I take a picture of the one from last year? I can’t remember! Anyway, this shows a rooftop with I think some thermal stuff that needs to be inserted into the roof for insulation… 3D advertising works for me! Good luck Wickes!
This last one from Ford made me giggle. I think I’ve seen this somewhere before. “The Ka Made Me Do It”. Hehehe. Ka is probably a slang word for Car… I quite like it. The car made the girls jump into a fountain. What would it make you do next?
Anyway, seeya UK!! Back soon… it’s going to be a short, quick holiday!
Don’t forget I will still be blogging from abroad…

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