Boots Christmas TV advert 2013

In Hong Kong… Can’t sleep at the moment. Still jet lagged. So here’s a post I prepared earlier…

Oh wow! An advert that really makes you sentimental. I actually got a tear in my eye from this advert.

A boy who’s in Year 10 that’s around age 14 to 15 runs out from home and goes door to door of his closest friends, boss and encounters. The boy looks like a thief just running and sneaking around as he leaves presents at the door. A trimmer for a neighbour who got him a B in maths, perfume for a girl he likes, a mug for his close friend, a box gift set for his newsagent boss and the last one which made me go awwwww is a present to a nurse who looked after his nan… And then the boy gets a gift from his parents.
Now this is a Christmas advert that makes sense!! And it only lasted 1 whole minute!!!
Woohoo! Well done Boots for making a better advert than John Lewis!! XD