Debenhams Christmas Advert 2013 – Wishes Made Fabulous

Still in HK! Hope those on Twitter and Instagram have enjoyed my pics so far! ^_^

It’s all about the fashion for the Debenham’s advert. Another Christmas advert that makes sense.

Well, it’s almost the same as last years one. Coats, bags, fashion accesories, lingerie, childrens clothes, shoes and the big meet up at the end of the advert of a couple meeting up at the ice rink in Somerset House. But this time they added the designer names on specific clothing worn in the advert.
It’s quite a boring advert and less than 2 minutes long (thankfully), but at least it’s better than some of the supermarket adverts that we have seen so far this month…
I actually have nothing more to say! ¬,¬