Waitrose Christmas Adverts 2013

Had prepared this post before I went on holiday! Was too lazy to post it!!

Waitrose have released a couple of Christmas ads this year. I have a feeling that there might be more coming… or maybe not…

This first one is about The Story of Giving The Perfect Christmas Dinner… It is narrated by someone who goes through a series of instructions on how to make the perfect roast turkey (from a man’s point of view) for the Christmas dinner. The advert is about 40 seconds long, so he doesn’t go into too much detail on how to make it. Hehehe.

This next one is about The Story of Giving Something Back where a green token is brought from a Waitrose till and then placed into a charity box. The money goes to a several charities or support services… 

Well, I like the first advert. It’s understandable. Not too wishy-washy or too christmasy. Just an ok advert… 

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