Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 1 – The Geek & Family Fly and Land

Monday 25th November
It’s been almost three years since I’ve been back to Hong Kong… This time I went with my brother Mr Stingy and my mother MummyGeek. My father DaddyChef decided to stay behind – asked him several times! Mr Stingy decided on the dates and I decided on the times and also a hotel to stay in. Although we have family in HK, it is actually more convenient for us to stay in a hotel as we go in and out near the city area, and they live on the outskirts of HK… I used lastminute.com this time as they had the best prices when I was booking earlier this year.
Usually we take public transport to Heathrow, but we decided to take a cab, and be only a few hours early. We used to get to the airport all hot and sweaty… Is it worth it for this break? Nah…
Heathrow Terminal 3

Checked in. Baggage taken. Mr Stingy even saw one of his own colleagues at the airport to say farewell to his mother! What a coincidence! Went passed security (getting used to it) but there always had to be one that had metal on themselves (always my mother)… Luckily we only had a couple of hours to go, so I went to buy some Yo! Sushi takeaway. Why did I do that? It was horrible. Don’t buy Yo! Sushi at Heathrow Terminal 3. I was practically biting into ice. It was frozen at the bottom… ¬_¬ … Not impressed!!

Takeaway Yo! Sushi in Heathrow Terminal 3 is not good… Thumbs down for this!! (-_-)p

It was time to go now…

I LOVE Cathay Pacific. It’s a Hong Kong airline. It’s one of the cheapest but most efficient airlines I have been on. Boarding is different these days at Heathrow. Instead of having to queue a very long queue, they went in class and row order in which they started from the top and bottom, and left the middle people last. That actually makes sense, since there would be more people at the back than at the front… We were in the middle, so we were just behind premium economy. Not bad!

The seats were also comfortable. When I used to take this airline I would get squashed between my mother and Mr Stingy. This time round, I got space!! They’ve basically taken out the F seats to accomodate a wider seat… Oh how I wish budget airlines could do the same… At the back of the seat the TV screen was touch screen. Oh my such an improvement. It seems Cathay Pacific are moving along with the times. Thumbs up! (^_^)b… And here’s what we had on the flight…
I had the Beef brisket cooked in red wine with mashed potatoes and veg. Oh wow!! This was so good. Nice and hot… I also had a white wine… why not ¬,¬”
The Geek’s meal

MummyGeek and Mr Stingy had the chicken and rice. They both liked theirs.

MummyGeek and Mr Stingy had the chicken meal

They also served ice cream which was hard as a rock… we had to leave it for a few moments before eating it. Hahahaha!! Cathay Pacific are jokers!!

Rock hard ice cream!

For breakfast, there were two options. Congee, which my mum had. And Mr Stingy and I had the scrambled egg and sausage. The breakfast for me wasn’t that great. That tomato sauce ruined it. Had a salty edge when they should’ve tried a sweeter sauce… The fruit was too cold, it should’ve been left out for a bit… well The Geek has to complain about one thing about the airline. Not all airlines are that perfect on the food section!!

MummyGeek’s congee

Disappointing sausage breakfast and the fruit was too cold!!

Landing was ok. Just a small bump. Thank heavens there were no awful automated message like Ryanair’s, and no big scramble to get out…

Mr Stingy pointed out that Chek Lap Kok Airport (that’s Hong Kong International Airport to everyone else) is a massive airport! Yes it is!!
Inside the airport… Arrivals section

Swarovski Christmas tree in Hong Kong International Airport… beautiful!

We landed on Tuesday 26th, 8 hours ahead of London time. So I will stop here for now.

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