Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 2 – Finding the hotel and some food in Kowloon

Tuesday 26th November 2013
We arrived in Hong Kong just before 1pm. We were all tired, but we needed to find the hotel we were staying at.
We took the A22 Airbus all the way to Regal Oriental Hotel. (It is always good to research beforehand as I’ve never taken this route before)… Turn right when you see the public transport sign to get to the bus station.

There is a bus information board outside the airport

Airbuses look like these

Taking pictures of the outside on the bus

The hotel is located not far from the bus stop (when you get off the bus, turn towards your right and just walk straight ahead) and it is opposite the old dangerous Hong Kong airport which has turned into nothing at the moment, just an empty piece of land. They are still debating what it’s going to be! This is the first time we have been to the Regal Oriental Hotel, we usually stay at their sister hotel Regal Riverside Hotel, but I wanted the free WiFi which is not offered in the rooms at Regal Riverside. How sad is that. A massive hotel not offering free WiFi, but the other hotel does??!! Nonsense.

Regal Oriental Hotel in Kowloon City

It took us a while to check in as the rooms were getting cleaned. Desk service was a bit slow by the way. But it’s different in Regal Riverside. Regal Oriental is a bit smaller… There will be a separate post to this about it!

Mr Stingy got his room first. A single double bedroom. View wasn’t that great so I didn’t take a picture of the outside. (Pictures will be in the final post).
45 minutes later, MummyGeek and I got our room key but we didn’t go and see it straightaway as we were very hungry!! Went to 7Eleven first and got a SIM card for phone usage later…
Trying to find the right food for all of us is very tricky. My mum and I eat anything. My brother on the other hand is a little picky. It has to be something he has eaten before otherwise he won’t eat it. So we had a good search for 10 to 15 minutes searching for the right food! In the end we ended at this local restaurant called Baak Hou 百好茶餐小厨.
Baak Hou Restaurant
It’s on Lung Kong Road

My brother had the Special Fried Rice priced at HK$39 (about £3.25) . He said it was a good choice, and he enjoyed it a lot.

Special Fried Rice

My mum and I had the Curry Beef Brisket with rice priced at HK$42 each (£3.50). This was awesome stuff!! I have not had something like this for a very long, long time. I really love beef brisket, and I love curry. I think I ate this a lot when I was in HK last time…

Curry beef brisket and rice plus an iced lemon tea

Total price came to HK$125 (about £10) including an iced lemon tea and a coke. That’s not bad for 3 people, but I think we can find cheaper food than that!!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: 33 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City 龍崗道33號

We headed back to the hotel direction and stopped at Park N Shop, a well known HK supermarket. Bought loads of pot noodles for late night snacking and other things for later usage!
Entrance to Park N Shop near the hotel

TIP: ALWAYS buy a packet of small tissues as some HK toilets and restaurants do not offer tissue… Yeek!!!!

It was time to go back to the hotel, wash, rest and sleep… I phoned my dad later… and I became sleepless after having 5 hours of sleep so I started blogging all of this for later posting!! ^_^

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 2 – Finding the hotel and some food in Kowloon

  1. Just found your blog and love it! I recently stayed at the Regal Oriental, but know the Regal Riverside well because my parents stayed there when I lived in Hong Kong (Shatin). I also recently went back to Shatin and was so disappointed New Town Plaza had changed so much. Ugh!


  2. ^_^ Thanks!! Which hotel do you prefer? I do like the space in Riverside but Oriental has wi-fi in the rooms. New Town Plaza is (I think) more for the Mainland Chinese nowadays… I opt for less touristy areas. 🙂


  3. I like the location of the Regal Oriental because there are so many restaurants around there. Free wifi is key! If I spent a lot of time in Shatin, I would stay at the Riverside. But I don't when I go back for a visit; I usually meet friends in Kowloon or HK side. Yeah, I can see how New Town Plaza is mainly targeted to Mainlanders now. I prefer more local stores, which is how New Town Plaza used to be! Oh, the changes!


  4. The old part of the New Town Plaza is I believe still there, you need to go through those side doors to get there. I'll be going again soon, so hopefully there's not been too much change! Might be at Oriental again because it's easier to get the buses and meet my family. ^_^


  5. I did go back to the old part and it still had the medicine shops, Fairwood, and non-chain stores. So that was a relief! Now I'm curious about the Riverside and what it looks like inside now. I remember the lounge had rattan chairs and was quite airy. That was 20 years ago, so I imagine it's been updated. I hope to go back next year and agree that the Oriental's location is quite convenient. I saw construction last month for a new MTR station in that area, but forgot when it's supposed to be finished. I think the hotel will become more expensive once the MTR station opens!


  6. :)1995? Not sure what it looked like at that time, but the times I went was a few years after. Riverside had the couches in the reception and a long desk when I went. There's a restaurant at the front and there's a back entrance. There were some renovations going on at one point which made it look dreary… Lots of Mainlanders go there now.And yes when I went to Oriental in 2013 there were lots of roadworks for the MTR. Might be a few more years before it finishes. I remembered when they were doing the bus station at Kowloon Tong it took them years to complete!


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