Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 3 – Mong Kok 旺角 and Kowloon City 九龍城

Wednesday 27th November 2013
After an exhausting day 2, I was back into action on day 3! I had a few more hours sleep after my small jet lag (my jet lag is bad when I go back to London). Mr Stingy said he was already awake at 5am (that’s when I was drifting back to sleep) and apparently he went out twice that morning looking around the area since he doesn’t know it that well… I think he was looking for dim sum to eat but he couldn’t find any!!
We all left the hotel after 11am. I wanted to eat breakfast at a noodle shop but it was closed. We think the place does late night services rather than daytime stuff. Each area of HK seems to be very different! So in the end we went to this place called Ngau Kee Ching Tong Nam 牛記清湯腩.
Ngau Kee
It’s on Carpenter Road
My mum and I had the beef brisket noodles. My brother decided to walk around since he had pot noodles for breakfast. The noodles weren’t bad. The beef was nice and tender. The radish was sweet. But the soup was a bit too salty for me! Forgot the total price.
Beef Brisket noodles soup

Another picture of the noodles
My geeky rating: 4/5
Address: It’s on Carpenter road, Kowloon City… can’t find the address online…

Mr Stingy took us to the local shopping centre KCP, but MummyGeek said we would go back to this area a little later as it was near the hotel…

KCP shopping centre
We looked a little bit around the area, and I found a cute store!!!! Yay!!!! I was definitely coming back to this place to see if I can find anything cheap to take back.
Cute Stoooooore!!
Here’s a random picture of a massive pumpkin costing over HK$2000 (over £200)!!!!!WTF!!!!!
Then we headed towards the bus stop area and found what Mr Stingy was looking for!! Dim sum!! I had this feeling he’ll get up early and buy takeaway dim sum before we even wake up. ¬,¬”” So we had some dim sum to make him happy…
Dim Sum Place

Siu Mai with egg yolk

Meat Dumplings

Taro Cake

It’s on Nga Tsin Wai Road
Total price came to HK$94 (£7.80). Not bad. And very tasty too! Don’t see new versions of siu mai in the UK much (except in Ping Pong ¬,¬). Very good stuff!
My geeky rating: 5/5
Time to head towards Mong Kok. It should actually be translated as Wong Kok, but I think there was some English translation problem. Oh well! We checked out all the buses. We were waiting for the Bus 9… It took forever to get to our stop. We reached the last stop and realised we ended up at the wrong side!!! OMG. Our geography is bad. So we waited until the bus was going to make a return journey, luckily it only took a few minutes… A few moments later we stopped at the Mong Kok Train Station stop, and I realised we were just next to Ladies Market where all the tourists go to, to find themselves a bargain or two. To tell you the truth, it is EXPENSIVE in Ladies Market, you will definitely need to bargain with the stall person. MummyGeek and I were bargaining like mad, and Mr Stingy just left us to it.
Ladies Market!!!

It’s on Tung Choi Street
Before we entered into Ladies Market Mr Stingy found a McDonald’s and he loves eating their sundaes. HK are now making double layered sundaes. One layer was chocolate and the other layer was strawberry. How interesting to see Asia’s McDonald’s look so much better than the ones in the West!
Double Sundae at McDonald’s Hong Kong!!

Paul Frank Happy Meal gifts
Here’s some more pictures of the Mong Kok area…
On the streets of Mong Kok

I found another cute store. I’ve actually been here before, and it’s where I have bought lots of cute pens and things the last time I went to HK. It was nice to see it was still opened!! I bought my desk calendar for 2014, a few pens and a Nanoblock Hello Kitty Pen!!!!! 😀 Yay!!!!
Another cute store!!
It was time to go back to Kowloon! We wanted to go to the shopping centre and have a look around. Mr Stingy wanted to go solo, and so we took our separate ways for an hour. If you prefer the shops then definitely go to them as you can easily find a discounted bag or other discounted things. Some of the stuff is even better than going to a market.
Inside KCP Shopping Centre
MummyGeek and I passed this little store. A haircut for HK$50 (£4.10) done in 10 minutes. My mum decided she needed a haircut… But it took more than 10 minutes, as the person didn’t cut it the way she wanted it, so it took longer. I would say about 20 minutes!! Blimey!! It should be 10 minutes or your money back, but nevermind…
QBHouse Haircut shop
I found one of my favourite stores. Japan Home Centre!! Not the one from the UK, but the one in HK! They sell lots of Japanese products i.e. kitchenware, pens, household products… But no food! 😀 I could go to this store nearly every day to find something to buy.
Japan Home Centre
After some more shopping, it was time to eat dinner. I was finally hungry again. MummyGeek wanted to eat claypot rice, so we went to the same street where we had that curry the night before but into a different restaurant. We went into this place called Tai Dak Restaurant and ordered two claypots. One for Mr Stingy and one for me and mum. Plus a claypot of Chinese broccoli. All of it was delicious. Was surprised not many people were eating in there.
Tai Dak Restaurant

Chinese Broccoli

Chinese sausage and pork meatloaf

Mixed Chinese Sausage meat
Total price came to HK$135 (£11.25). Not bad! I swear if this was available in the UK, the price would’ve been so much higher.
My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: 49 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City 九龍城龍崗道49號

It was time to head back to the hotel. MummyGeek said she was still hungry!! What??!! So we bought a few more things…
Wonton noodles from the shop in the morning costing HK$20 (£1.60). Tea eggs for HK$10 (£0.80). Other snacks for HK$50 (£4.10). That’s a lot. We’re spending our money way too quickly. Must stop her from buying too much food.
Wanton Noodles soup!

Tea eggs

Eating away at tea eggs

Lotus paste buns
Now it was back to the hotel. Rest. Eat more and sleep more.

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