Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 4 – Ma On Shan 馬鞍山, Shatin 沙田 and almost getting lost

Thursday 28th November
The day started a little early than usual. Mr Stingy wanted to go to the Shatin New Town Plaza shopping centre as it’s one of his favourite places in HK, but it isn’t mine since they sell loads of brands and it doesn’t give me that authentic cheap HK feel. It makes you want to spend, but I don’t really want to, and it’s also mainly for the Mainland Chinese who go into HK to buy these branded goods…
Hotel room view – from the 12th floor

There’s no airport anymore!! Where’s the old airport?

This time we took the 85X all the way to the last stop Ma On Shan shopping centre. We gave each other an hour to go around and get what we needed… 

Ma On Shan Centre

Small Christmas display 

So my mum and I went around, and we spotted cakes like those cakes you can find in PAUL… aaaaah, I want cake.
But instead of cake we bought some bread. My mum had the custard/egg yolk bread and I had a crab stick and sweetcorn one. I didn’t like mine but MummyGeek liked hers…

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!!

Crab and sweetcorn bub – not nice… 

Custard bun… nice…

We walked around a bit. Christmas decorations were already up! At least HK doesn’t start until a month before it’s Christmas. They have a better sense in timing!!

On the first floor

There’s a cute store!!!!

The main Christmas display


Double cute

Next we all met up and then took the 299 bus which took forever to get to Shatin!

Waiting for that bus 299!!!

These are the mini buses

Finally got to Shatin New Town Plaza… and we were hungry!!

At the New Town Plaza in Shatin

Christmas display in Shatin

The ceiling has decorations too!! ^_^

We ate lunch at this place, Wong Chi Kei, where I thought would have dim sum. Wrong! Instead it’s a proper Chinese restaurant. I had the beef brisket crispy fried noodles. Hmmm. I’m having a lot of beef brisket!! I just love the stuff!! I didn’t like the noodles as it was too thin. The noodles looked as if they were burnt and singed, giving it an old oil burnt taste to it… Didn’t like mine that much, plus the sauce was just too salty!

Wong Chi Kei Restaurant – lower ground floor

There’s fish!!
Beef brisket crispy noodles

Mr Stingy had the shredded pork crispy fried noodles. His noodles were the same as mine, but he didn’t complain…

Shredded pork crispy noodles

And MummyGeek had the beef brisket curry and rice… She liked her food…

Curry beef brisket and rice

Curry beef brisket

Total price came to HK$292.60 (£24). Expensive FOR HK!!

My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Address: Shop 119, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin 沙田沙田正街18號新城市廣場一期1樓119號舖

Next it was shopping time. This time we gave each other 2 hours to shop around…

In Shatin they also have a Snoopy’s World which is mainly for little kids. It is absolutely free to go in. So if you have a kid with you or you like Snoopy, then have a look around.

Snoopy’s World

Yay Snoopy!!!

Didn’t shop much, although I went into my favourite store Origins and bought a couple more Nanoblock sets to play with!! Yay!!

Crossing to the other shopping centre

Tall buildings

Papaya drink… was thirsty

Another Christmas display!!

It was time to get out of there… we were there also there to find our aunt, but she was in Shenzhen looking after her grandchild (one of my second cousins)… Oh well, we should have called first!! XD So we went towards the usual hotel we stay in… The Regal Riverside Hotel…

Regal Riverside Hotel

I took a few good shots of the river and the sunset. 😀

Shatin riverside

The sun is setting

A guy paddling across the river

MummyGeek wanted to buy lottery tickets, so the only place that sells them is at a Hong Kong Jockey Club betting shop. They only sell the tickets mainly on the day of the lottery three times a week… Unfortunately we didn’t win…

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Mr Stingy likes this area as he knows where everything is! He also likes this restaurant King of BBQ Pork, so we got some takeaway…

King of BBQ Pork (Cha Siu)

Got onto the 89B bus heading towards Kowloon. Unfortunately we got off at the wrong bus stop!! We ended up in Kwun Tong, which is really far from the hotel. But at least we know the area very well. Unfortunately no one knew where the bus stop heading back to the hotel was, so we ended up getting the 83X to Kowloon Bay Railway Station, and then took the A22 airbus back to the hotel!! The bus driver on the A22 thought we were heading to the hotel at the airport… Hahahahah… Nevermind!!

Back at the hotel, and we ate our dinner happily!
Cha siu

Cha siu and rice

My mum had some chicken in hers

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (not as good as it used to be)

Address: Shop 39, Riverside Garden, 20 Tai Chung Bridge Road Sha Tin 沙田大涌橋路20號河畔花園D座地下39號舖

Then one of my cousins called to say he was in the area, so we all went down to see him. 😀 At that moment we found out that my cousin’s wife is pregnant!! Congrats!! It’s about time too as they have been married for quite a bit… He and his wife introduced us to a couple more restaurants around the Kowloon area, so I might end up going to one of them (unfortunately I didn’t as I one was renovating and the other I couldn’t be bothered to walk to)!! 😀

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