Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 5 – The Peak 太平山 and Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 and Eat Chinese Restaurant 食棧

Friday 29th November
Time to get up and eat a Big Pot Noodle!! I don’t think you can get these in London yet… I have yet to find this in London China Town…
Big Cup Noodles

A very clear morning that day!
You may realise by now that it is easy to go to two or three places in HK during the day depending on how much time you have and if you’re fit enough to go around many places in one day!
Street art

Cute street art
On this day we went to The Peak which apparently has many different names according to Wiki. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in HK and one of the busiest too! 

It’s actually my first time going up there as I’ve always ended up going to a shopping centre or travelling to other parts of HK or China.

Bank of China from the bottom

Steps leading towards the street

Bank of China
If you’re taking public transport make sure you get off at the Bank of China. The queue can get pretty long during the day, so definitely get there early if you’re taking the tram up to The Peak. It’s HK$75 (£6.25) for a return ticket and you can pay by Octopus Card.
Signs for The Peak

Going to take The Peak Tram

It’s on Garden Road

The Fountain Sign

Queue is already busy

Cutting prices for the Winter… It’s free or cheaper for over 65’s too
The tram journey is about 5 – 10 minutes long. I think most Hong Kongers walk up there or take public transport or run or take a taxi. It’s up to you on how you get up there really! Lots of people actually live near The Peak so there are 4 stops altogether and various people get off. Amazing.
My ticket

History of The Peak whilst you wait

Old day Chinese wear

The Peak Tram

Sky Terrace 428 is where we’re going to

The Tram is jam packed!
When we got up there we immediately entered into the shopping area… And then we just took the escalators up to the top!
Got to the Peak Market
It is spectacular at the top!! It’s even better than going to The Shard in London. Cheaper in fact. Five times cheaper in fact!! 😀
Spectacular view from the top!!

View on the other side… There’s a small shopping mall opposite to where I was standing

Heheheh… Tourists taking a pretty picture

Lots of couples take pictures here…
Back down we go, and MummyGeek and I were instantly shopping around…
Cute dolls!

Funny figurines

The Peak mall

You can take more pictures here…
We had Burger King for lunch. Mr Stingy was very happy!! ^_^
Burger King?!

Went around the shopping area and then into the second half of the shopping mall…
Ice Creeeeeam

Sky Terrace 428

The Old Tram
It was time to go back down. We all sat backwards going back down… When we got off, lots of people were waiting just like we were…
Going back down now

Then we got an open deck bus but sat at the bottom. It was heading towards Central, but then realised we weren’t at our usual Central Pier that heads towards Macau as we wanted to look at some shops around the area. Oh well. So we took a ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui and I took nice pictures.

A TVB crew

At this point my camera’s battery life ended on me, so I used my phone…
We ended up in Habour City. This is where they have a big Christmas display outside. This year it’s a Disney theme!
At Habour City in Tsim Sha Tsui
Disney display

Totoro Shop!!!

Went around the shopping centre and then I was so exhausted I had a regular Cappuccino at Illy… ^_^ (my aunt says that’s expensive… not for me it isn’t).
A small cappuccino 
Time to go back to the hotel and recharge.
Before dinner with some of my family MummyGeek and I had some street food. Fishballs of different kinds to be exact…
Fish balls in HK!! Yummy!!
Now it’s time for dinner. We got to this place via taxi. It only costs around HK$20 to get there (cheaper than bus) from the hotel. The taxi asked us if we were from Singapore. Uh, no. England, my dear. England. He even asked us who introduced this restaurant to us, and we said family… Hmmm… I think he was being hesistant about the place… I don’t know who introduced this place called Eat Chinese Restaurant 食棧 to us (I guess one of my cousins or my aunt), but there is a very rude lady who stands at the front “welcoming” the guests. She is so rude which made me give her a cold stare (she saw my cold stare, and I would do it again if I had to). I’m not afraid of being criticized just for waiting outside and seeing if that was the place we needed to be at. But the other waiting staff were so lovely!!
Eat Chinese Restaurant 食棧 in Lok Fu 

Crispy skinned port

Half a goose

I think this is spinach

Sweet and sour crispy pork and veg

Soup with tofu, fish balls and veggie

I forgot what this is… ¬,¬

Char Siu – BBQ Pork (better than the previous day’s one)

Bitter melon

Beef cooked in a claypot

My cousin bought this from a shop elsewhere
We had a lot of food. The bill ended up being over HK$1000 (that’s about £100). So expensive! Who ordered it all?!! But one of my cousins paid… Never again will I eat such expensive food unless it’s at a Chinese wedding!!
My geeky rating for the food: 5/5
My geeky rating for the service: 3/5 (blame the lady at the front)
I’m even going to give you peeps the address in case some of you want to see what the service is like (if you ever go to HK)!

Address: G/F, 182-188 Junction Rd, Kam Kwok Bldg., Lok Fu, Hong Kong
p.s. You must dress appropriately or they won’t let you in apparently (MummyGeek saw the sign outside the restaurant).
Friday was the most tiring and busiest day of all!!      

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 5 – The Peak 太平山 and Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 and Eat Chinese Restaurant 食棧

  1. Good post!! My husband and I are planning a trip to HK later this year and I found the information in this post (and the others) very helpful when planning. I looking forward to going to the peak by tram and shopping. I am still in the initial phase of planning, so if you have any recommendations of things that we should include in out itinerary, I would really appreciate it!BTW, love the way to refer to people in your blog. You made me smile!


  2. Hihi, thanks for reading! :DDepending on where you're staying, I recommend a few other places to go to:- Ocean Park (or Disneyland if you prefer Disney)- Yeun Long, there is a good range of shopping up there- Kwun Tong has a big shopping mall called Millenium, but it's mostly brands in there- Lamma Island – haven't been yet, but heard it's good, more for tourists- If you get a chance, go to Macau or Shenzhen – you will need a visa for Shenzhen and possibly MacauDon't forget to get an Octopus card when travelling by bus or the metro, and have fun!!


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