Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 6 – Cheung Chau 長洲

Saturday 30th November
I have never been to one of the smaller Hong Kong islands before. I feel like this time I’m going to get to know HK a little more, plus going to know more of the bus numbers in the areas. There are so many buses going everywhere, sometimes you can easily get lost and become frustrated at the same time because no one knows the exact bus number (that’s the same in London)!
Anyway, one of my cousins said she would take us to one of the islands for the afternoon, and my aunt said she would come along too. She said that Cheung Chau is quite a local feel of Hong Kong, and I would definitely like the eateries there! So it took us an hour to get to Central Pier Number 5 as there was a traffic jam, and we had to cut through the IFC shopping centre…
The first character on the left is my name “Bao” in traditional characters – 寶
Taking pictures of the city
A tram
In IFC shopping centre
Unfortunately we missed the 1.15pm ferry (because of Mr Stingy trying to find the loo near the pier, but there are also loos on the ferry), so thankfully we took the 1.50pm speed ferry which takes half the time of the normal ferry…! Excellent!! You can pay by Octopus card, and the speed ferry costs a little more to travel on, it’s about HK$22 (£1.80)… Cheap!!
Pier No. 5 to Cheung Chau!!

Taking pictures of the tallest building in HK whilst waiting for the ferry
We arrived at Cheung Chau 長洲 around 2.25pm.
We were all hungry, so we went to eat seafood at this place called So Bor Kee 蘇波記. My aunt says it’s cheaper to eat seafood in Cheung Chau than it is to eat anywhere else in HK! Wow…!! This is what we had:
Pissing Prawns – they are so hard to peel!!
The easiest to peel!
Fried rice… table staring to get messy!
Fried pork – my dad makes this often!!
Choi Sum
Shredded pork crispy noodles AGAIN!!
Razor Clams!! My favourite!!
Total bill came to HK$500 (£41). That is really cheap for the seafood we had. MummyGeek and I wanted to pay but my aunt said she would. Ack. Let us pay!! They had treated us the night before!!
My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (service was a bit slow, and my aunt was the one complaining!)

Address: G/F, 11C Pak She Praya Road, Cheung Chau 長洲北社海傍路11C地下

It was walking time… MummyGeek, my aunt and cousin (plus baby second cousin) took a long time to walk. So I walked in front. Mr Stingy walked further than me… Almost thought I lost all of them.
I had a big spicy fishball!! It was so good for HK$10 (£0.80). It was so spicy I needed something sweet quick!
Massive fish balls!!
So I had a fried ice cream to cool my lips and tongue. Heheh 😀 I want more of these… Where can I find them in London?
Fried ice cream ^_^
More walking around…
And we headed towards the beach area. MummyGeek said they film a lot on this beach!
Oriental magpie-robin
Asian Sparrow?
Oriental magpie-robin
Then it was time to go back… We were very lucky to see this sunset… Apparently the area hasn’t seen this sunset for quite a while! ^_^ Lucky!!
Close up of the sunset
That’s how far we were from the sunset…
The last thing I wanted to eat were the crisps on the stick, so I got one and ate it whilst coming back.
Crisps on a stick!!
Then we departed when we got to Central, and I took more night pictures.
This time we took our time finding the bus stop… And luckily we found it! It felt like a long bus journey back.
When we got back I felt quite full, but my mum wanted to eat more… So we had cart-style noodles from this place called Yung Kee Noodle!!
Yung Kee
Yay!! I have wanted to eat at this place since I landed!! Yipee!! 😀 It’s pretty good stuff.
My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: 80 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City 九龍城打鼓嶺道80號

I also had some more ice cream from 7Eleven…
A very good day out ^_^ VERY HAPPY!