Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 7 – Sai Kung 西貢

Sunday 1st December
It’s now December!!! And it’s time to visit DaddyChef’s family. But first MummyGeek and I went to eat out to eat, and stumbled across an old lady who started to talk to my mum, they were talking for quite a while and I was hungry… After their chitter chatter, we were in search for breakfast / brunch!
Eating snacks before breakfast / lunch

Beef balls and chicken balls with satay sauce… so tasty!!

Couple of people cooking sweet potatoes and frying chestnuts… the smell was so good!!

And then for 10 to 15 minutes, we were in search for dim sum. Unfortunately this place my cousin introduced the other night was renovating. Apparently this place has a variety of different dim sum that you wouldn’t be able to find in bigger restaurants as my cousin-in-law explained. Oh well, another time in the future so we went to the place we were at when we first arrived to Hong Kong.
Tam Dim 譚點… renovating at the time of visiting 😦

Address: G/F, 29 Nam Kok Road 南角道29號地下

Dim Sum Restaurant 點心居

The menu outside… there’s no English, so you must know some Chinese!!

Baskets of dim sum outside

Takeaway dim sum!!
Afterwards we went to the Sai Kung Pier first to take some pictures of seafood. Sai Kung 西貢 (pronounced as “say-gung”) is the place to go to for eating seafood in Hong Kong. A lot of tourists and Hong Kongers end up in this town because it is one of the best areas to go to. It is away from the city and it’s part of the New Territories of Hong Kong… Plus the countryside park is around this area… Apparently my great grandmother on MummyGeek’s side used to live in Sai Kung too!
I have never seen Sai Kung so busy. Everytime I’ve been there it is generally quiet. But it was a Sunday and I think lots of people were off to buy fresh seafood for their family gatherings and dinners that night!
Lots of fresh seafood in Sai Kung!!

Sai Kung Public Pier

Beautiful traditional boat

Fishermen selling their fish

Sai Kung Map

People were showing off their dogs… not sure why…

Taxi stand
Next it was time to get a taxi to my home village. Yep, my father’s family lives in the outskirts of Hong Kong city… Here’s their dog (the white one with the brown ears)… Isn’t he beautiful? Very protective of the family and he will follow everyone (the family) everywhere. ^_^ (The family have gone through many dogs, unfortunately they don’t live for very long… don’t understand why!!).
Sai Kung family dog ^+^
The family were gossiping a lot, and this is what we had for dinner… (their Filipino housemaids have improved their cooking a lot over the years, but I think my Dad’s food and soup are still the best!!).
Chinese dinner!! … The fish was the most expensive item on the table!
Time to go back to the hotel, and my cousin drove us back since we weren’t far from them! Lucky us. We were spared a few dollars.
MummyGeek was still hungry, so she wanted to have a late night snack. The cousin that had driven us back to the hotel said we should try out this place called Wong Ming Kee 黃明記粥粉麵家 that makes noodles and congee, so we tried it…
Wanton was buried at the bottom the noodles… my Korean banana milk is on the side…

We didn’t eat this in the end… it’s beef brisket with noodles… too full
I think it was the wrong idea to try it out!! Some Hong Kongers have a weird taste. MummyGeek and I both had a wanton noodle soup. The wanton was ok, the noodles were ok but the soup base was awful. It was bitter… I didn’t like it. My cousin has weird taste buds!! Bleurgh.
My geeky rating: 3/5

Address: G/F 80 Kai Tak Rd,, Kowloon City 九龍城啟德道80號地下