Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 8 – Tai Po 大埔

Monday 2nd December
It’s Day 8 already. A week in Hong Kong already. Time flew by really quickly!
MummyGeek and I had a small breakfast at this place 順興茶餐廳 Shun Hing Restaurant which is near the hotel. Service is a little rude but I liked the food. Well, food wasn’t too bad…
Shun Hing Restaurant

Ham Sandwich… nothing inside it…

Dai Pai Dong Coffee… I dare you to try it!!

The food

MummyGeek loves cream buns… Loves it to death!

Chinese egg tarts
My geeky rating: 4/5

Address: G/F, 56-58 Nga Tsin Wai Road Kowloon City 九龍城衙前圍道56-58號地下

And it was time to visit my 93 year old Grandmother and my aunt from my mother’s end! That’s right 93 years old!! I remember when she was in her 70’s when I first had a proper visit in my teens… And it’s been about 5 years since I last saw her! That’s a very long time… MummyGeek is an exact spitting image of her in terms of being emotional and gossipy!! ^^ My Grandmother and aunt live in the New Territories as well… North of Hong Kong Island…
Palm tree in the area

In my Grandmother’s garden area

Pretty pink flowers
After the visit, we went to Tai Po 大埔 (pronounced as “dai boh”). It is also on the north side of Hong Kong Island. It’s about an hour’s trip from Kowloon City and it’s one of the nearest town centres to the border of Shenzhen, China. So you may see a lot of Chinese Mainlanders in the area. MummyGeek grew up in this area, so she remembers some of the area very well… The only thing are the shops and restaurants always change!! 
Tai Po 
We didn’t spend much time there so we went into the shopping centres and looked around the place and also had some dim sum!!
Outside one of the shopping centres

The cheaper shopping area

According to MummyGeek we went to this restaurant before… 興華閣海鮮酒家 Hing Wah Court Seafood Restaurant… I can’t remember!! Did we?!! Food was good quality though…
Hing Wah Court Seafood Restaurant 

They were preparing for a wedding banquet

Rice and Chinese sausage

Special Fried Rice

Meat dumplings… I wanted them too!!

Spring rolls

Fried egg tofu rolls

King har gau (has more than one prawn in it!)… they are really big!!

Chicken feet

Siu mai

Fish dumpling in soup… this was the best dim sum ever!!!

Beef dumplings
Mr Stingy paid for it… I think it was over HK$200 (must’ve been between £16-£20). That is not bad. In London it would be very expensive!!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: Shop 219, 2/F, Plover Cove Garden Shopping Ctr,3 Plover Cove Rd

Tai Po is one of the best areas to shop if you like cheapish things, sometimes the prices are better than the City if you can be bothered to travel that far!
The river at Tai Po

Going into the second part of the shopping centre… the expensive one!!

So many bags on sale… I wish I could have bought many!!

Shopping area 

I think this is the ground floor

On the first floor

So many pre-prepared fruit bowls… So jealous of Hong Kongers

Some frozen seafood

So much sushi!!!!!!

And more fresh sushi!!!

The world is Hong Kong’s oyster…

Chicken anyone?

Roast pork anyone?

Roast goose anyone?
It was time to go back… we got a bit lost since we were travelling to a different hotel, luckily MummyGeek spotted the bus 75X that went towards the area. Unfortunately this bus is one of those buses that are not frequent… so you have to wait for a loooooong time!!
I then had a cheap dinner when we got back, which consisted of pot noodles, crisps and cake. ^_^

I really do envy Hong Kongers. I think they don’t realise that their lives are so much better than those in the West in terms of food, cute things, and the many local shopping centres that they have! In terms of jobs, London is probably better but our salaries can only cover our living costs and not the luxuries…