Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 9 – Sai Kung again 又去西貢 and Sham Shui Po 深水埗

Tuesday 3rd December
It was time to get up early and go to Sai Kung… again… Had to take more pictures and do other things (like eat)…
“Paper” boats
Those ducks or geese are not real
My cousin who drove us back to the hotel took us to the “most expensive” restaurant in Sai Kung called Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant 全記海鮮酒家. My aunt who lives in Sai Kung likes going there, so I think all my cousins like going there… I have no preference as long as there’s food and it’s cheap for me!! (I like the cheap, cheap foods!!)…
Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant sign
Everyone likes eating outside
We had a few things… MummyGeek liked the crispy noodles and Mr Stingy liked the meat dumpling and I liked everything…

Beef cheung fan
Char siu cheung fan
Meat dumplings AGAIN!!! Different filling this time
Shredded pork with crispy noodles AGAIN!!
King har gau AGAIN
Spring rolls again
Siu mai again
What? And beef dumplings once again!!
I think my family thinks we eat loads, but dim sum in small amounts is actually filling for us! (I really don’t eat much… Just need to exercise more!!)…
My geeky rating: 5/5 (my cousin paid the bill, so not sure how expensive it was…)
Address: 96 Man Nin St, Sai Kung, Hong Kong 西貢萬年街96號地下

After eating, Mr Stingy went his separate way to Diamond Hill where there is a Hollywood Plaza, and MummyGeek and I took more pictures of Sai Kung before going back to the hotel rest then go out again!

The boats in Sai Kung
Funny dummy above 7Eleven
Trying to get close ups of birds with my Nikon camera… really great with the zoom!
Once we got back to the hotel it was time to go out again! This time my mum wanted to sit on one of those little green buses. She had wanted to sit on one of those since we came back… and kept mentioning it to us, so we took the Little Bus 25M (outside the hotel) which took us up to Kowloon Tong.
Hahahaha… this Chinese to English sign is lost in translation… Can someone correct it please. I saw the humour of it, can you? (Not being mean, I just rarely see it in Hong Kong ~~~)
We stopped and was looking for another bus to get to our next destination, but in the end we went on the Metro (I can’t believe we’ve taken buses all this time during this trip and never got on the train or the underground once… last time I was there, I constantly took the train and underground!!). Mainly because where we were doesn’t have a Metro, but they are currently building it!
Kowloon Tong Station
The bus station… It took more than 6 years to build I believe…
We took the Kwun Tong line (green line) and stopped at the next stop Shek Kip Mei… one stop ¬,¬”” MummyGeek thought we were in the right area, but she was wrong… luckily she found the bus 702 that was going to where we wanted to go!! Lucky!! 😀
At Shek Kip Mei Station
MummyGeek also spotted the street where we needed to get off… Nam Cheong Street in Sham Shui Po 深水埗! Sham Shui Po is in the New Territories as well. It is one of those areas you would stumble upon whilst traveling around Hong Kong. So it is a must stop area for food and shopping.
Sham Shui Po
There is a metro…
Nam Cheong Street is the place to get off if you’re getting the bus
There is a food stall (these are called daai pai dong 大排當 in Cantonese) that we visited a few years back where I had THE BEST beef brisket noodles soup. If you’re not afraid of sitting outside and not afraid of a bit of a dirt along the streets, then you will be ok with this…). It’s actually easy to miss if you don’t look outside the bus. These type of food stalls are starting to become unpopular in Hong Kong, but I still love them!
鴻記麵家 Hung Kee Noodles… it’s like a food tent
Street view
Natural looking beef brisket and noodles
So tasty
Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
The soup base is not salty as most restaurants serve salty soup bases with beef brisket. The beef brisket looks natural and doesn’t look as they’ve added a lot of flavourings… and the noodles were good!
MummyGeek also ordered a plate of Chinese broccoli (she knows it’s one of my favourite veggies). It was good. Not “old”, chewable and cooked just right… Oh, I want more now!!

Forgot to mention, total cost came to HK$57 (£4.75)!! That’s right HK$57!!! So cheap!!! Bargain price for 2 noodle soups and a plate of Chinese broccoli. 😀

My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: Hung Kee Noodles, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong 鴻記麵家, 深水埗耀東街15-16門前大牌檔

Now it was time for a bit of late night market shopping!! Yay!! If you ever get the chance to go there they sell lots of different things. I think they sell things in masses, as it’s like a market full of stock. They already had their Christmas stuff out… The Chinese know how to sell things ¬,¬… ^_^
MummyGeek bought some of those “Married Cakes”
Enter Fuk Wing Street to start your shopping spree!!
Christmas in Hong Kong is so fun!!
Trying to find Mameshiba toys for Mr Bear is difficult!!
There’s a lot of cute stores around the area, so definitely watch out for them. I recommend shopping in this area to any travelers and locals. You will find cheap bargains for clothes, bags, decor etc, etc for definite. I never buy electronic goods in Hong Kong as I find it as expensive as London.
Now it was time to go back to the hotel. I think the bus 98C goes back to Kowloon, but we couldn’t find the bus stop, so we hopped onto the Bus 6 (we waited for a while for it) and went to Tsim Sha Tsui… We could’ve got off at Mong Kok and changed, but MummyGeek wanted to stay on the bus to see more!
Well I think I was happy to get off at the last stop… We heard a busker singing and I gave her HK$1 (that’s like £0.08), not much, but it was spare change in my pocket!
Busker in Hong Kong
Saw the night lights of Hong Kong and took more pics…
Night lights of Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui
Disney display at night

We got the Bus 5 back to the hotel, and then MummyGeek said she was still hungry… I was peckish too ¬,¬”” so we had more food from this place Jeung Wo Lung Siu Lap Restaurant 張和隆燒臘飯店.

Jeung Wo Lung Siu Lap Restaurant
MummyGeek said the lady serving us asked her what we wanted 4 times!! Heheheh… Anyway, it was not a bad dinner. The BBQ pork was good better than the one in Shatin. And the roast pork was ok, but it would’ve been nice if the bone was cut off…
Roast pork and BBQ pork with rice
My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Address: 65 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City 九龍城龍崗道65號

I then had one of these… I’m sure I have had one of these before… Not bad, but quite heavy…
End of Day 9.
p.s. Mr Stingy said he got lost during the day and ended at the airport!! Hahahaha!!!

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