Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 10 – Return to Tai Po 又去大埔 and eating a lot 食食食!

Wednesday 4th December
It was our last full day in Hong Kong!! So sad 😦 We had so many places we hadn’t revisited and I hadn’t bought enough stationary as I usually do when I go to Hong Kong… I guess that would have to be another time when we have more money to return back to visit. (I must carry on saving money…). Don’t remember why we weren’t staying for long, but I had to go to work the following week, and needed the time to get over the jet lag (everyone was on my case when I got back)…
Mr Stingy, MummyGeek and I decided that this day was going to be our free day. Mr Stingy said he wanted to go back to Ma On Shan and Shatin… so he went the opposite way to us. And MummyGeek and I went back to Tai Po (since she kept mentioning it and I already had been to all the places I wanted to go to during this visit. She was surprised that I agreed!) to look on the other side of the street.
We again took the Bus 75X (which does take a long time to get to the bus stop from the hotel!). But since it was day time, we could see which way we were going… It took us an hour to get there. So if you’re sleepy definitely sneak in a nap, but don’t miss the stop!!
MummyGeek and I were a bit hungry so we went into this place Sun Long Ching Tong Nam 生龍清湯腩… It’s not far from the bus stop we got off.
Sun Long Ching Tong Nam 生龍清湯腩
The menu had English! Excellent! This place must get loads of tourists… So I had the Pig Intestines noodles soup. That’s right pig intestines!! And I also had beef tripe with a little chilli oil on top. It was very spicy, so order a soft drink to simmer the heat…!!
Pig intestine noodle soup
Beef tripe with some really spicy chilli on top
Iced lemon tea to cool me down
MummyGeek had the Curry Beef Brisket and rice and asked for it to be a little spicy… When they say little, it actually means medium in English terms!
Massive bowl of (little) spicy beef brisket
Rice with a cherry tomato on top ^_^
Get this with a drink and it becomes cheaper
Total bill came to HK$117 (£9.75). Quite cheap! I paid too!!
My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (I didn’t like the chilli oil on the tripe)

Address: G/F, Shop 4, Pui Kam House, Nos.106-112 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po, N.T.  大埔廣福道106-112號培錦樓地下4號鋪

Next it was time to walk around, shop and eat more!! This cute tabby cat was sleeping on this bunch of soft Andrex tissue… Hong Kongers are animal lovers, and I guess this cat loved the tissues more than its owners. Heheheh. The cat is trying to say “Buy Andrex tissues!!”… Lots of people were passing by and I think they wanted to take the cat home…
Cat sleeping on top of Andrex tissues =^+^=
The centre
Lantern in the sunshine
Play area 
7Eleven Sanrio toys
Lots of Caaaaaaake!!!
I didn’t buy much, but we went pass a lot of small snack stores…

We passed this place Snack Castle at the start of this journey. I think my fellow snack bloggers will LOVE this store. It’s full of Japanese and foreign snacks. Everything looked so tasty, but I only selected a few things which will be posted at a later time (possibly next year)!

Snack Castle in Tai Po
Address: 110 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po, New Territories 新界 大埔 廣福道110號 地下
Before I went into the snack store, I bought some sushi from this place. When we got there at lunch lots of students were buying their lunches from here. I presume it’s a very popular store! Probably nice and cheap for them… Well it was ok… Cheaper than London!! 
Bought sushi from here
And then MummyGeek stumbled across this Hakka small snacks stall called Hoi Fung Siu Sik (Hoi Fung Snacks) 海豐小食 just across the street as we were about to go back to the hotel…
Hoi Fung Snacks – Hakka snacks
The snacks… they are quite popular
Egg shaped waffles
Curry fish balls
Quail eggs and Hakka tea cake (茶粿)
It was back to the hotel area, but before we went back I went into the small cute store shown in the 3rd post. MummyGeek said she would wait for me in the park, and after I shopped I went searching for her everywhere in the neighboring park… There was an accident nearby, and I thought it was her because I couldn’t find her!! Thankfully it wasn’t her… MummyGeek scared me to death!!
Accident in Carpenter Road… someone got knocked over 😦
We stumbled across an old man selling snacks near the hotel… MummyGeek said I should try out these eggs that have been heated and cooked by hot salt… and also this sweet potato…It was all very cheap. Can’t remember the price (probably about £2-3 altogether).
Sweet potato and eggs cooked in hot salt
Purple sweet potato
I was so full that night I couldn’t eat dinner. I threw away the rest of the sweet potato (I know, I waste food… but I ate half of it already!), so MummyGeek and I went out for food for herself. She went to where we had rice and pork the night before…

So instead of dinner, I had dessert at Shalom 嚐樂. I’ve been passing this store nearly everyday, and I was dying to try it out!!

Shalom in Kowloon City
They love their toys!
And there’s more!
The menu on the window
The menu continued
This dessert is called “Hak Gu Lou” 黑咕嚕. I think it’s named after a fish (Eleotris fusca – searched this online), but not really sure. Literal meaning means “black grunt” but probably means “grumbling empty stomach”. Well there’s jelly made with coffee that needs more coffee flavouring. Cream for the coffee. Crunchy chocolate (probably Nesquik) cereal balls. Chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce… It tasted ok, but that coffee jelly needs more flavouring in it!!
Hak gu lou 黑咕嚕
Close up
Closer close up
I also bought a takeaway sweet soup for later snacking…
Papaya and White fungus sweet soup
I can’t seem to remember the full price (I do have a copy of the menu somewhere). It’s not expensive. It’s definitely a place to go to after work or after a night out of eating a lot of savoury foods… I do recommend it. I think I would have tried a lot of the desserts if I stayed in HK a little more longer during this visit…

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (the coffee jelly let the place down)

Address: Shop A-B, 86 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City 九龍城打鼓嶺道86號A-B舖

End of Day 10… Time to sleep… But I couldn’t sleep very well that night…