Regal Oriental Hotel 富豪東方酒店 – Kowloon City, Hong Kong

So holiday over, and now it’s time to talk about the hotel I stayed at…
I’m a Regal regular. My family always chooses the Regal Riverside Hotel as it’s big, nearer to the trains, buses and a big massive shopping centre, but this time I wanted a hotel with free WiFi as Regal Riverside does not offer this in their hotel rooms… Boooo!!!! Such a big hotel but no free WiFi? So on this occasion we stayed in Regal Oriental Hotel 富豪東方酒店 which is located opposite to where the old Hong Kong airport was (which is now a piece of land and hasn’t built into anything yet).
The entrance to Regal Oriental Hotel
Took this whilst on a bus ^_^ … the street view
The hotel is located near several streets with old style buildings and shops below. It’s a good place to be in if you like Thai food and various types of food plus a bit of shopping in the KCP shopping centre.
One of the nearby streets… 

We were all put on the 12th Floor, it was quite a while for the receptionist to give us our rooms! 
MummyGeek and I shared a twin room… The room was really small. I really do prefer the Regal Riverside Hotel…

Our room was quite modern, and I was happy with the bathroom we had compared to Mr Stingy’s room…
Shower was great!
Mr Stingy’s room… He got a double sized bed, a very spacious room, and two settees. Lucky sod. But all the controls to his room were on the side of his bed… He couldn’t find the off switch to the air-con. My room had better settings… The view wasn’t great from his room. You could see scaffolding and rooftops…
Unfortunately his TV was small. We had a better TV.
His bathroom was a bit rubbish compared to ours. He had an old style shower head.
Regal Oriental has free WiFi BUT it is terrible within the room, especially if you use a mobile device.With my netbook it was ok. On my second week there, I discovered that it was best to stand next to the door, as reception was better in the corridor.
Noise level wasn’t too bad, but don’t count on always getting a quiet night. You will obviously hear some people getting up early and you will hear some cars and dogs from outside. I got a couple of good nights sleep.
It’s an ok hotel although you’re not really near any metros. You will need to get a bus to get to the nearest one! I don’t always recommend a taxi, you should only get them once in a while… and only if you get lost too easily… We get lost all the time. XD
Next time I go back I will book for the Regal Riverside Hotel or stay with my family! Will have to give up free WiFi… 😦

Address: 30-38 Sa Po Rd, Hong Kong 香港九龍城沙浦道30-38號
Telephone: +852 2132 3291

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