Work Christmas Party no. 2 @ Henry’s Café & Bar – London Covent Garden

Next day. Next Christmas party. The Geek is on a roll, but tired as ever ¬,¬””!
This time I went north of the river, as people say when they are coming from the south of London. Hahaha. I decided to go a little early than the others as I wanted to stop off at Artbox and also Radley (yep I’m a Radley fan). I got a new lunch box (Hello Kitty of course) and a new red purse… my current one looks old. ¬,¬ I’m a shoppaholic, but a responsible one!
I was in Hong Kong when this was being arranged. Instead of going to a posh restaurant, we went to a posh bar Henry’s in Covent Garden (pub more like)… whatever you might call it, it’s in a fancy area.
A colleague of mine and I were there early so we had a drink, sat and waited for the party to begin!! ^_^
Outside the pub
Was the first ones to arrive!!
Mr Bear came along too. Yay!! I feel like I haven’t seen him for ages… although I saw him before my holiday. We catched up on office stuff as we haven’t had a proper chat for a long time. I already had a half pint of Heineken, and then he bought me this £9 gin and tonic! Woah. That’s expensive!! But it was in a big glass. So I guess it was worth it…
The G&T is expensive in a big glass…

A selection of food for the party was already ordered by my colleague, and so I just took the pictures… ^_^ I don’t think it was part of the Christmas menu but it was ordered for about 40 people or so…
I didn’t like this whatever it is, I think it is pate on melted butter and bread with some vinaigrette… I think without the vinaigrette it would’ve been ok.
I like the chicken on this plate, but I didn’t like the other piece of meat… Hmmmmm
Chicken and other meat
 Didn’t like this spinachy pasta… Too much vinegar!!!
Bread coated prawns are always good at parties. I like these!
I like this! Sausage and bacon go well together…
I think this is bread coated cheese… Nice…
This was nice. I don’t think a lot of us ate this, but it’s nachos with guacamole, jalapenos and mince… Nice!!
Yep, we also had boiled potatoes… Can’t complain about this!
I paid zilch! Yep. Nothing that night. So happy!! My colleagues paid for all the drinks, and split the food bill…
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Nice pub environment
– Food was ok, but not the greatest
– Nice place to catch up and have a drink with friends
Bad points:
– Expensive for a bar in the city!! I would be glad to go to a pub in the outskirts of Central London for less…
Address: 5-6 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8PS
Telephone: 07557 740183

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