Winter Wonderland 2013 – London Hyde Park

Mr Games invited a bunch of us to go to Winter Wonderland this year at London’s Hyde Park. I have never been before and decided I definitely want to go this year! So many adventures and outings this December, I don’t think I’ve had any time to rest and think…

Well, Mr Games chose one of the wettest days of December to go to Winter Wonderland. I hate getting soaked, my trousers were soaked, poor Geek… *SNIFF SNIFF*.

I got off at Hyde Park Corner, and I seemed completely lost at first because 1. it was dark and 2. I have never taken that route before… I finally got there, all wet of course, should’ve worn some Kickers or wear black trousers… Oh well, it’s all part of the fun!

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

The big sign

Mr Games was with Mr Sensible when I arrived… they were at the ferris wheel which I couldn’t see, he said to keep going and I will see them…
At this point I got side tracked by the extra stalls on the side, and then I got lost, so i took pictures along the way!! Heheheh…

I seem to like minions a lot these days… This one is cute!! ^_^


The ferris wheel looks so close but yet so far… By the way, the rides cost quite a bit of money to get on, so if you are planning to ride on any of them, make sure you have plenty of money!!

No way am I going on these rides…

After this, I found Mr Games and Mr Sensible!! They were looking at the stalls…

Cute jingles

Nice hedgehog 

After this we went from stall to stall, one area to another…

Miss Pinky was also invited, but she never came 😦  I think she would have liked this stall…

Jewellery stall

Mr Games was looking at hats, and he spotted this weird looking minion hat. Hehehe.

Minion hat

Reindeer ride

I think I was really hungry, and we were looking at the food stalls… This is BBQ fish… Oooooh, I want some of this!!

Those fish look smokin’ hot!! 

Beer Garden… I understand this German word. 😀

There’s a Haribo stall!!! Wow!!!

Haribo stall!!

We finally gave in… As we were waiting for Mr Games’ friends we ate… Mr Sensible had the Pork Pot… and Mr Games and I had the Hog Roast… Mine was big!!

Pork Pot

Mr Games’ Hog Roast

The menu board

This one is mine… Lots of meat in it!!

Yummy Hog Roast…

Finally Mr Games’ friends arrived, and we wanted dessert after that small dinner…

Crepe Time

I went for the rum and raisin crepe, this cost £4, and I got lots of raisins, and lots of rum ^_^

Lots and lots of raisins

My hot crepe

This is Mr Games’ crepe being prepared…

We were waiting for Miss Goldilocks and her partner… it took us a while to find her but once we did we again headed off and started walking around… The Geek now takes more pictures…

Ah!!! They have crisps on sticks here too!! ^_^

Crisps on sticks

A laughing moose head

Cute candy!

Hello Kitty!!!

It was now the end of our walk around the park, and I can’t remember what the two guys were singing… but it looks like this lady was enjoying herself that night!! ^_^

A lady dancing herself away that night…

I only spent £10.50 on the food… I didn’t go wildly spending on decorations, hats and other things… The Geek was being sensible.

It’s a nice place to go to, but I think I prefer to go to the German Market in Southbank. The stalls are similar and you can’t get lost in Southbank!!

Address: Hyde Park

Ends on 5th January 2014!! So hurry before they go!!


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