Boyzone Concert BZ20 2013 – London O2

Oh my days (as one would say to me for doing something I would never have done). I can’t believe I went to a Boyzone Concert (on Friday 20th December 2013). Just Oh. My. Days!! XD
Miss Money, who lives only a few miles away from The O2 Arena has been dying to go to a concert since there’s been one nearly every night and sees crowds of people… So she wanted to go to the Boyzone Concert… I was once a fan of theirs in my teens but suddenly I turned away from them when they started doing their own things… (and that’s when I switched to Backstreet Boys, and survived through uni with their music). I do like Boyzone and it’s so sad Stephen Gately passed away so suddenly – I was in shock when I heard about that!! Boyzone have survived for 20 years hence the concert name BZ20.
Now it’s onto the concert!! They started this in a different order…

Usually the concerts I go to start off with the main band / singer, then the supporting act, then the main act again. Well, in the BZ20 concert they started off with the supporting act – Jessica Clemmons. She comes from Texas, and has a great voice! Miss Pinky would have loved her, as don’t forget we went to Dallas earlier this year… Texans are definitely great singers!!

Then there was a 30 minute break!! Wow, I have never been to a concert with a break in between…!!
And then finally Boyzone came on!! The following is a lot of pictures from the concert… tried not to take too many as everyone was standing, and I didn’t want to block people’s views…
Ronan is still as fit as ever! I believe he is the favourite out of the crowd, not mine, but is still a wonderful singer. Not proud of all his moments in life, but one has to forgive and forget… I have seen worse in my lifetime…
At this point, they were discussing Stephen Gately… He was actually my favourite out of the five!!
Mikey is a really good singer!! I have never heard him sing so much in my life… It’s great to hear him sing!
This was after the main concert. So whoever answered the question right got to see Boyzone backstage! Keith is a very funny person (although they say he is a very business-like person). 
Shane has changed a lot over the years, he has become more of a show off, but nevertheless, he is a great singer and definitely deserves all the attention. I think one of my colleagues likes him a lot!!
During the Boyzone concert, they sang most of their new songs from their last two albums. I have not heard these songs, and I think I’m going to have to purchase their last two albums, otherwise listen to them on Spotify. ^_^ One of those new songs has suddenly been stuck in my head for the past few days… 
A very enjoyable evening, and I actually enjoyed myself.
Here’s a couple of videos I filmed right at the end of the concert during the encore…
Video 1 – Right Here Waiting

Video 2 – Love Me For A Reason & No Matter What

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