IKEA Christmas Adverts 2013

Happy Boxing Day!! Didn’t go to the Sales today as I had a Boxing Day lunch party with Mr Games.
And Yay! Another post of IKEA adverts. I think I’m addicted to them… 
I only found a few that looked really Christmasy, and here they are…
Sweden – Julen börjar på IKEA (Christmas starts at IKEA)
Starting off with the people who created IKEA!! Sweden have gone for something simple this year (I didn’t see last year’s one actually)… Here Santa dresses in normal clothes and then goes to IKEA to shop before Christmas. He walks around in sunglasses, tries out the food and also relaxes in an armchair. The children spot him and one of them asks her parents to check if this is really Santa. The dad shakes his head and says no… At the end the driver who is an elf asks Santa if he got everything and if anyone recognised him. Santa replies yes he has everything and he doesn’t think anyone recognised him… If only the elf knew!!

Singapore – Unwrap Christmas “Auntie”
Hah! This one is funny from Singapore. This one is like saying be careful what you hold before opening the door!! ^_^ The young guy in the advert is holding some mistletoe when the doorbell rings, and an auntie appears wanting a kiss. Heheheh. I love this advert!! 
There are two more ads – “Waiting” and “Shake” which you can find on YouTube.
Thailand – Jingle Bell
This is a bit different to last years one. In this one, there’s a lot of children in different scenes and each one sings their own version of Jingle Bells. A sweet ad. I found it very cutesy! 
Malaysia – Unwrap Christmas with IKEA Malaysia – “Shake”
I forgot Malaysia and Singapore use the same IKEA ads, so you actually can see the “Shake” one here. A kid is still awake, he starts shaking at presents to see what could be inside, and then throws them away if he thinks it’s not for him… He gets caught in the end by his parents I believe!! Heheheh.
Austria – IKEA UNICEF Soft Toys XMAS Campaign Episode 1
IKEA Austria have a released a series of ads to support their soft toys for UNICEF. Here’s the first one. The soft toys in this one are: The Big Bad Wolf and an old grannie. I think they start arguing or are a having a conversation of some sort… Not sure… 
Portugal – Campanha de Peluches IKEA Natal 2013
Portugal and some other European countries are using this same advert to support their soft toys campaign… Nothing much to say about this really…
Poland – 100 zł for every 1,000 zł released kitchens
This is a very clever IKEA ad from Poland. The mother is peeling some carrots. The two young girls run in whilst the oven turns off its alarm. The mother switches off the alarm, and the girls are throwing flour into a bowl. The mother screams, throws her knife, closes one of the draws, the carrot peel drops into the bin, and the peeling tool drops onto the table. What great timing for each event! And all the girls wanted to do was help out which they did in the end!! Phew!
Japan – IKEA CM Kids Room篇 15秒
I think this is the Christmas advert for IKEA Japan, but probably it isn’t… Anyway, it’s a kid who decorates his room to be a space rocket… 
Turkey – IKEA’da çocuklar nasıl bir sürprizle karşılaştı? (How did IKEA encounter a surprise for the children?) – I think that’s the translation…
Well this is another soft toy campaign from Turkey. It’s a fun one where two boys encounter a badger toy and takes the badger around IKEA to play with. Another cute advert!!
There’s a lot of IKEA adverts campaigning about the soft toys, some are the same for some countries… Some countries haven’t even done a Christmas advert… 😦
Well I’m choosing Singapore and the Poland one as my favourites. Very funny indeed!!!
I want to see more funny ads from IKEA!