Laksa Curry Fishballs (Really Really Spicy!) 咖哩叻沙辣魚蛋 (真係好辣!)

The year of 2013 ends with this post… Another post on cooking spicy fishballs, which you can make for under £5!
A lot of people (like me) still like spicy fishballs, so coming back from Hong Kong, I wanted to make some spicy, very spicy, EXTRA SPICY fishballs like the ones in Cheung Chau. So I went to one of my local Asian supermarkets, bought some Malaysian laksa curry paste (which you can find in most Asian stores), fried fishballs (all Asian stores sell this) and I also some coconut water from a local convenience store… Just 3 ingredients!
Malaysian Curry Laksa Paste
Coconut Water
Fried Fishballs
Fish Stick… I had some left
Prepared the fishballs
In goes the curry paste into a pan of boiling water… I used the whole packet to get the really spiciness of it all.
Laksa paste in the pan
Next I added the coconut water (about half the can) and also the fishballs. The coconut milk is to make the laksa less spicy.
Fishballs and coconut water is in the pan
Boiled for 10 minutes or so… Lower the temperature if you’ve made too much
Boil, boil, boil
They should float to the top.
Fish balls and fish stick will float to the top
Then scoop them out.
And serve… VERY SPICY!!
Phwoooor… Extra spicy it is!! Drink the rest of the coconut water whilst eating this, it will cool you down. ^_^
Use the remaining laksa soup base for noodles or cool down and refrigerate and re-use again!!
Hope you all have a spicy New Year’s Celebration with this (if there’s still time to make this and if you have the ingredients, heheh!!)

Have a Happy New Year!! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ. 2013 has been a mixed year of ups and downs, so I hope 2014 will be better!! ^_^ Fingers (doubly) crossed…