TAYTO milk chocolate bar – Cheese and Onion Flavour

My first post of 2014. And it’s about chocolate. XD
Woooow I got a new chocolate bar!! This came all the way from Ireland… My friend and ex-colleague who lives in the middle of the Republic of Ireland, who I’m going to call Mrs Creative, sent this to me. She is one of the most creative friends that I have known in my working career as she used to make lots of pots out of leftover material and pretty posters. And then suddenly she left with her husband and went to Ireland leaving the rest of us in London!
Well, this chocolate bar is very different. When Mrs Creative posted me a picture of it, I thought, I’ve had Tayto crisps before what’s so special about this? Then I realised it was a chocolate bar! Cheese and Onion flavour too. ^_^ Cheese and Onion is actually my favourite flavoured crisps. The Walkers version especially…
Tayto Chocolate Bar – Cheese and Onion
Back of the bar
When I opened it, it looked like an ordinary chocolate bar. Very ordinary indeed.
Tayto chocolate bar
When I tasted it, it tasted like an ordinary chocolate bar, not too sweet – just the way I like it, but with a little saltiness from the cheese and onion crisp bits.
It has bits of crisps in it
It’s ok. Combination sounds weird, however I would have liked more cheese and onion crisps in it to make it more of a cheese and onion flavoured chocolate bar.
Thanks for sending this to me Mrs Creative!! ^_^

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