London Tourist Adventure (once again) Part 3 – Sea Life (London Aquarium)

The third and final part of the Miss Rock and The Geek’s one day adventure ended in Sea Life (The London Aquarium). Yaaay!!
This is the first time I’ve been to Sea Life since its opening in 1997. 
When we got there, there was already a long queue as it was after 3pm when tickets are cheaper. Never really thought this was going to be a very popular attraction as I thought it would be a smallish aquarium. It’s right next to the London Eye, and it’s near Big Ben. So in fact it’s in the middle of all the other major attractions of London.
I think Miss Rock and I queued for at least half-an-hour. That was a very long half hour as I was already tired from walking. But finally we got to the ticketing desk, I had already paid online so we just got our tickets and went in after a ticket check. If you do plan to go here definitely book online.
As soon as you enter, you will be mystified from the entrance as there is a thick glass floor and you can see the tank from the top! I am in love with this place already. ^_^
Glass floor
Once you pass that bit, you take the lifts and start at -2 floor.
Going towards the lifts
The next few pictures (a lot of pictures) are from the -2 floor. A lot of people, children and adults, were in the way, so it was quite hard to get good pictures.

Note and Fact: you’re not allowed to you use your flash on your camera to take pictures, as most of the fish don’t have eyelids like we do to protect our eyes.

Some people were quite stubborn and didn’t give other people opportunities to take pictures or videos… 😦
These fish were going round, and round, and round… I feel dizzy
Love this jellyfish!!
Sea crab
Stingray…don’t make me sing the song!!!
Entrance to the next section
Massive turtle!!
Those sharks are cool!
Are you hungry shark?
These next pictures I think are from the next floor up…
I think this has to be my best picture!!
Pretty Seahorse
Forgot what this is called, looks weird
Are you hiding from us?
See-through fish
Stand still…. AND… Take that picture now!
Watcha staring at?!
These terrapins were sunbathing… or drying off. They looked unreal!
Lots of people were staring at this crocodile and thinking: is this real? Yes it is. I could see its eyes twitching and its stomach moving.
Its a real life croc
So pretty!
Don’t eat me!!
These fishies were standing in the water as if they were hypnotized!
The terrapins from the other side of the floor. 
Pretty carp fish!
I wonder who would have liked this fish… ^_^
Those penguins looked bored. It’s actually their bedtime. The aquarium imitates the South Pole’s weather system.
Penguins asleep
I forgot what this is! But it’s definitely an ugly creature
Outside Sea Life
Here’s also a short (less than 3 minute) clip of compiled videos of the fishies I videoed.

When we finally finished our day tour / meet up it was time for an eggnog latte!! So needed!! ^_^
My eggnog latte is in there!
I really, really enjoyed myself even though it involved a lot of walking up stairs during the day. I definitely recommend going to the London Aquarium for families, dates and meet ups!!
Address: Sea Life London Aquarium, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB
Prices: variable (check the website)

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