METRO poster adverts

Hah! METRO. London’s free newspaper which you can find at nearly every tube and rail station have released these two poster ads at bus stops (there’s probably more, but I haven’t seen any). It’s probably not the best place to post them since you don’t see a METRO newspaper at a bus stop or in the bus (unless some passenger who went on the Tube / train left a copy on the bus).
This first one just captured my absolute attention (as I like cats too… Hello Kitty obsession ¬,¬””). Yes, Cats are not the only thing you can find on the Internet! There are a millions and billions and trillions of topics discussed on the Internet. =^.^= Meow.
“CATS aren’t the only thing on the internet”
If I stood at the bus stop just waiting for the bus, I wouldn’t be reading a METRO newspaper unfortunately., I would need to download the app for that… I’ll most likely be on Instagram. And unfortunately the METRO website does not offer bus departure times. ¬,¬
“TIME on your hands? Next bus departures available here”
Love these poster ads… I think I can see who they are trying to attact… the people who can’t find a newspaper but can read it on their phones if they have a smart phone. ^_^

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