Milka ChocoJaffa – Toffee Mouse Flavour and Milka Milkinis

One evening straight after work (that was yesterday) I went to look for some mayonnaise at a local store on the Walworth Road. I wanted to try out a different mayonnaise but before I got to the counter I was looking at the snacks section, and I came across these Milka ChocoJaffa packets. One was an orange flavour and the other in toffee mousse. Toffee mousse? Why not!
Milka ChocoJaffa – Toffee Mousse Flavour

Milka products are getting very popular in a lot of food / snack blogs! And I just couldn’t help myself but buy these and also blog about them.

Jaffa Cakes!

They look like jaffa cakes that’s for sure. But I’m not sure about the taste. It is sweet. You would think that the mousse tasted like orange if you didn’t read the packaging. The mousse at first has a texture of mousse jelly, it tastes like toffee after eating a few, and then the chocolate and biscuit take over. They are pretty much addictive, and I think there’s about 10 in the packet (I’ve almost finished the whole packet before finishing this blogpost!).

Close up

Split into two… ummm toffee…

This was less than £2 in the shop. Buy it, eat it and tell me your opinion about it. ^_^

In the same shop I found the Milka Milkinis which I have never tried before. 
Milka Milkinis

There are four bars in this tiny box

They look great for snacking on. Good for a lunch box. And has a darker milky chocolate taste to them. I like them. Could eat loads of these ones.

4 mini chocolate bits

White creme / chocolate inside

Don’t know the price of these ones. But it is cheap!

Two jaffa cakes are left at the end of this post. 😉

p.s. I will be reviewing the snacks I got from Hong Kong soon… Hadn’t realised I bought a lot of different ones (mostly Japanese). ^_^

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