Misato Japanese Restaurant – London Whitcomb Street

The story of a lazy blogger… Heheheh.
This time Mr Games and Miss Money invited me to eat out. I don’t think we knew where to eat. I suggested Yo! Sushi and then Miss Money suggested Misato. She said we would be spending less there and it would be more filling, and had said we have been there before… You know what?! I couldn’t remember until I had to look it up on the Internet… Oh Misato. Now I remember this place… Super cheap Japanese food. Super busy too! The first time I went to this restaurant was with Miss Money many years ago, I actually remembered what I had which was the Chicken Katsu Curry and mixed tempura vegetables. I was so full that I couldn’t move…
Misato – The sign has gone missing on top of the restaurant…

Flash forward a few years later, the name is no longer on the door (I think they’ll add it later), it’s again super busy, and this time we queued, ordered our food and drinks whilst in the queue, and then a few minutes later a table was available for us.

Miss Money ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Hamburger and Rice dish. She said her chicken was dry, but it was good. She almost finished her plate as she was that hungry. Wow.

Chicken Teriyaki Hamburger and Rice

Mr Games, as usual, likes to stick with what he is comfortable with. He was going to go for some cucumber sushi with something else, but ended up with a Chicken Katsu Curry! He said his was nice as the chicken tasted like chicken, not like an ordinary frozen chicken that has no chicken taste to it. I tasted a bit too, just to remind myself. Yep. It’s real tasty chicken there!

Chicken Katsu Curry and Rice

For some reason, I really wanted to have some hot udon noodles, I wanted tempura AND I wanted sushi. So I ordered the mixed sushi bento and the tempura udon. My sushi came out first, but I finished the udon and tempura before I started on it. Udon was nice. Soup was good. Tempura needed some flavouring, but otherwise it was ok, but for £5.50 they could’ve added more to it.



The sushi on the otherhand which was at £9 was good. It had filled the rest of my stomach…

Mixed Sushi Bento

Subtotal price came to £31 including the drinks, but as usual there was a 10% service charge, so in the end it came to £34.10, which averages out to £11.37. That’s not bad!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Quality of food as well as quantity is always good
– Cheap Japanese food
– Service was ok

Bad points:
– Needs more seating

Address: 11 Whitcomb St, London W1D 6PG
Telephone: 020 7734 0808

p.s. Miss Pinky was quite upset that she wasn’t invited (although she wouldn’t have made it anyway, ¬,¬”)… Miss Pinky is always busy… Next time!

p.p.s. After walking around from China Town to Regent Street, then into Carnaby Street and then into Oxford Street I was feeling a bit peckish for dessert… Wow, I must’ve been hungry that evening!

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