Morinaga Dars Bitter Chocolate

Didn’t know what to eat next (my throat is still sore as I believe I have tonsillitis, and have now been given some antibiotics to clear it up a bit ~~~ I don’t want surgery!! ) so I did an eeny-meeny-miny-mo, but ended choosing something else from the pile of goodies. ¬_¬” The Geek doesn’t make any sense.
In the end I chose this Dars Bitter Chocolate from Morinaga.
Dars Bitter Chocolate

Back of the box
It’s a small packet of 12 pieces of dark chocolate. It’s not actually in a bar, it’s all in pieces so you don’t have to break it.
Daaaars… ummmmmm

12 luxurious pieces
For dark chocolate it is bitter. But if you compare it to the UK market dark chocolate then this is less bitter – like taking a weak shot of beer.
Individual pieces of dark chocolate

The pieces are very small
It has a lingering bitter taste to it, which is ok for me… Just reminds me of a mild Marmite aftertaste.
If I could find it in the UK I would buy it again. It looks like these chockies are going in my belly tonight. 😀
Cost: HK$11 (~£0.92)

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