Fujiya LOOK Chocolat

Ah the antibiotics are working! And it’s making me hungry all the time.
Tonight, instead of doing an eeny-meeny-miny-mo, I just had a look at the boxes, and decided I wanted to try out Fujiya’s LOOK Chocolat as there’s three flavours in this box.
Fujiya LOOK Choclat

Back of the box
When I opened it, the inside box explains the different designs for each chocolate. The two designs on the left hand side is bitter chocolate. The two designs in the middle is for the mild flavour and the two designs on the right are for the white chocolate centred flavour. Coooool!
Opening the box

Wrapper is even cool!
There’s 18 pieces of chocolate. So one by one I tried them… From Bitter-Mild-White then in reverse order.
18 pieces of individual chocolates
The bitter chocolate is not as bitter as the Dars chocolate I tasted yesterday evening. It has a very light bitter taste, and this would be enjoyed by those who like less bittery dark chocolate. There’s no lingering bitter taste to these ones.
Bitter LOOK Chocolat
The mild one tastes like ordinary milk chocolate. Not too sweet. But enough chocolate in one bite.
Mild LOOK Chocolat
The white chocolate centred one has a very light taste as most white chocolate does. This has a very smooth texture to it. This one’s my favourite out of the three.
White LOOK Chocolat
The only downside to all three of these is the aftertaste. It kind of dries out my mouth and tongue – like milk does. It’s not like Hershy’s though, but it makes you want to drink some water.
These are very good to share amongst friends who have different chocolate tastes, however I wouldn’t be buying them for the sake of a chocolate craving… Nevertheless, I finished them in less than half an hour!
Cost: HK$10 (~£0.83)

2 thoughts on “Fujiya LOOK Chocolat

  1. I've tried one of these LOOK boxes before, I think it was tropical flavoured (there was definitely a banana flavour in there!) and I wasn't too impressed. It was okay but the chocolate did have a strange flavour. Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better!


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