Meiji Meltykiss Chocolates – Winter Limited Edition

Happy Chinese New Year!! 新年快樂!恭喜發財!龍馬精神!(Canto: san nin fai lok, gong hei fat choi, long ma jing san; Mando: xin nian kuai le, gong xi fa cai, long ma jing shen) It’s the year of the horse this year. Plus it looks like it’s going to rain again in London this weekend (you can never rely on the weather reports). So wrap up warm, wear wellies (in case) and enjoy yourself… Might be skipping China Town this weekend as it’s always hectic. But we will see.
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Today also marks my second anniversary of blogging!! Yay!! Two years of blogging, and I’m thankful to other bloggers, friends and passerby’s (even if it is for a brief second) PLUS the spammers who read, skim or click on my blog. ^_^ A click still counts! I still get enthusiastic at the numbers of pageviews per month. ^_^
So carrying on for the chocolate lovers, Meiji have released a Winter Limited Edition of Meltykiss Chocolates (I think it’s the box not the chocolates that are the limited edition…). I bought these really cheaply in Hong Kong (so proud of myself), as they are quite expensive in the UK. These small boxes of chocolate are really light and don’t feel like they have chocolate in them. But they do, they really do. There’s about 15 small square pieces in each box carefully wrapped into individual chocolate pieces. A bit different to the ones I have had so far. It filled my suitcase too! Should’ve reviewed them in Hong Kong so that I could’ve bought other stuff. Oh well. XD
Stack of Meiji Meltykiss Chocolate boxes

Meltykiss Winter Limited Edition
I started off with the Green Tea flavoured one. It’s a tiny cube of chocolate with green tea flavoured chocolate in the middle. It nicely melted into my mouth and also onto my fingers as I was taking pictures. The green tea flavour lingers into your mouth for a good few seconds, and if you’re a green tea addict you will definitely become addicted to these.
Green Tea flavour

Back of the box

Opened it from the side of the box

Small piece of chocolate

Green tea filling
Next was the Royal Milk Tea flavour. It has the same design as the green tea flavour. It tastes like original bubble tea melting into your mouth. Ooooh. I like this one. But I’m sure tea lovers will like this chocolate too. Scrumptious!
Royal Milk Flavour

Back of the box
Opened it from this time… the right way round!

Nice chocolatey centre
Do you like strawberries? I do. And I definitely LOVE this Fruity Strawberry flavour. It tastes like there’s a really sweet strawberry inside with real juices or a jelly-like strawberry liquidy substance. Do you get my drift? Ah, buy it if you don’t believe me!
Fruity Strawberry flavour

Back of the box

Strawberry pink centre
This next one is the Creamy White Chocolate. No surprises with this one. Just ordinary chocolate that melts into your mouth… Yummy.
Creamy Milk flavour

Back of the box

Dark Rum is the last one I tasted. Dark Rum? Alcoholic chocolate? Woah. For rum lovers this is the perfect chocolate for you!! It smells and tastes of rum. It might not get you drunk but they taste so good!! I love rum (especially rum cake and rum ‘n’ coke). It has a lingering rum taste. I love this one too. 😀
Dark Rum flavour

Back of the box

Ordinary chocolate with a strong hint of rum 😀
All the chocolates have no bad aftertaste, very light chocolate and just something to die for. If you’re struggling for a Valentine’s chocolate gift, I think these are the perfect gifts (especially the strawberry, royal milk tea and rum flavours). 
I don’t think I like sharing out Japanese chocolates… Sorry Miss Pinky and Mr Bear. You two are not getting any. ¬,¬””
Cost in Hong Kong: HK$21.90 per box (~£1.83)
Cost in London: approx. £4.50!!! Expensive… you might be able to find it cheaper online…

2 thoughts on “Meiji Meltykiss Chocolates – Winter Limited Edition

  1. Hi ill be selling limited edition melty kiss and kit kats which I bought from Japan, nextweek. Cheaper price, we do shipped and meet-ups around tagaytay and santa rosa laguna. For interested buyers, call or text me at 09065348206/09127279450 (philippine numbers)


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