Meiji Porte Creamy Whip Chocolate

Woohoo! Another Meiji snack!
I have a few more snacks to show but this is one I have been dying to try out since December! I bought this along with the Meltykiss ones in Park N Shop in Hong Kong which is near the hotel I stayed in.
The packaging attracted me the most. The chocolates at the front looked like nuts and it looked like an interesting flavoured snack too. ^_^
Meiji Porte Creamy Whip Chocolate
Back of the box
Inside the box
The chocolates are individually wrapped as I’ve seen with most Japanese snacks. And there’s 10 of these in the box.
Individual chocolate
Doesn’t it look like a nut?
It looks like a nut!!
As I bit into it you can taste the cocoa biscuit at the bottom first which tastes a bit like a bourbon biscuit. As you start chewing you can taste the milky hard cream made out of the Hoikkado milk they used. As I tried my third one, I bit it in half and wanted to try out just the cream, so I started biting the top. The whipped cream is definitely creamy, it is very light in texture and it makes you want to eat more fluffy white stuff…
Whipped cream on top, biscuit on the bottom
The only unfortunate thing is the slight tangy aftertaste that sits on my tongue… 
Cost: HK$21.90 (~£1.83)

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