Wing Wah Macau Stylish Chocolate and Almond Cookies 榮華澳門朱古力杏仁果子曲奇

On the coach writing this post. 
Thought I might as well use my time to write something. 🙂
So this box of Macau Style Chocolate and Almond Cookies were bought from Hong Kong Airport. I realised by the time I was flying back that I didn’t buy any Chinese snacks as they are quite common around the world and can be bought anywhere. On the other hand I thought these cookies are quite different. Rectangular style. Has almonds as well as chocolate. The box itself looks kind of boring compared to all of those Japanese snacks I’ve had so far… But nevertheless I must try them!
Wing Wah Macau Stylish Chocolate and Almond Cookies 榮華澳門朱古力杏仁果子曲奇
Back of the box
There’s 24 in the box and as usual with Asian Oriental snacks these are individually wrapped.
24 pieces of cookies in this big box!
Doesn’t look like the cookies on the box 😦
The cookie is predominantly made with walnut so you can taste a walnut-ty taste. Couldn’t taste much of the chocolate but could taste the almonds.
Predominantly made of walnut
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the cookies on the front of the box…
Anyway, when I get home tonight I will update this post with the price and a missing picture. ^_^
Cost: HK$?? Oh damn, I’ve lost the receipt!! I don’t think it was much 

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