Aji Ichiban Big Thunder Mini – Cocoa Cookie Crunch

Back to the Japanese snacks! XD
At the airport I felt I needed to buy some more Aji Ichiban snacks. I think with these chocolate bars they have just stuck a load them into one bag as I think they are generally sold individually in Japan.
Trying to find information on this is quite difficult as search engines will find BIG Black Thunder chocolate bars instead of this BIG Thunder Minis. Anyway, I think this is a variation of one of those chocolate bars…
Aji Ichiban Big Thunder Mini
Back of the package
With all Japanese mini snacks they come in small packages. ^_^
Mini chocolate bars
With this mini chocolate bar it holds a lot of flavour to it. The chocolate surrounding is nothing special, it’s just ordinary chocolate. It’s the inside that you will enjoy…
Mini cookie
The cookie has a lot of chocolate flavouring to it. It’s like eating an actual double chocolate cookie. Once you bite it, chew it and examine the flavours in your mouth you will enter into LaLa land. It’s just that great!
Not sure how to describe this…  But there’s lots of cookie there!!
I have no idea where you can buy these except for Japan and Hong Kong Airport, but if you do spot a large version of it then let me know please!! ^_^
Cost: HK$38 (~£3.17) – that’s cheap!!