Aji Ichiban Wasabi Pumpkin Seed Snack

And finally, this is the last snack that I will blog about from my trip to Hong Kong!
This is the MOST EXPENSIVE snack I bought from Hong Kong Airport. This one is for Mr Bear who has kept them in his office and is determined not to finish them, hence the half empty packet that you will see in the next few pictures.
Mr Bear said I should pose with this! ^_^ (Used Photoscape in this pic)
As you may or may not know Mr Bear LOVES wasabi and he definitely loves this snack. Just the taste and the kick of it gives him that satisfaction of wasabi. ^_^ I asked him to take a few pictures for me (since I left my phone in my own office) and said I wanted to blog about it too!!
Aji Ichiban Wasabi Pumpkin Seed Snack
Back of the packet

Nutrition information
This is one most of the most unique Japanese snacks I’ve seen using pumpkin seed and coating it with a crispy wasabi shell.
They come in small packets

As it enters your mouth, you’re anticipating that wasabi kick which slowly arises when you bite or suck onto it. The wasabi kick lasts for a few seconds and then it disappears with a sweet taste of the seed and coating. It tastes luxurious. ^_^

One of many wasabi pumpkin seeds

Crushed this one to show you the pumpkin seed
Mr Bear pointed out the calories and fat per bag to me later… Well it’s one-fourth of what a man would eat… I don’t count calories Mr Bear! I eat what I like until I die (but of course I eat a certain portion at a time).
Well if you pass Hong Kong, and you happen to see an Aji Ichiban, then look for these!!
I miss Hong Kong and all the snacks already… I will return for more weird and wonderful snacks in the future…
Cost: HK$120 (~£10) – REALLY EXPENSIVE!!

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