Milka Pierniczki Alpejskie – Gingerbread with Strawberry Cakes

Happy Valentines Day!! Another day to show your love to people… ^_^ I’ll be watching Korean dramas during the evening to pass the time away, heheh.
Instead of a comic this year (just too lazy to draw one) I’m showing you all my love to all my readers today with this “heart” looking cake from Milka (it’s probably supposed to look like a strawberry). I think these are from Poland. 
Milka Pierniczki Alpejskie – Gingerbread with Strawberry Cakes

Back of the packet
Don’t they look like hearts to you?
Heart shaped or Strawberry shaped?

Side view
From the first bite, you can taste the ginger and chocolate instantly. The strawberry comes and goes in your mouth. There’s no funny aftertaste… It just feels funny eating gingerbread at this time of the year. It’s not hard like a biscuit and is soft like a cake.
Looks yummy from the inside!
All in all it’s an ok chocolate snack, but I wouldn’t buy it again. XD

Cost: Under £2

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