Kimchee (To Go) – New Oxford Street

I forgot to write about this place back in January, so I’m briefly going to blog about it.
Korean food is really hitting the British market. Some people love it, some people hate it. It depends on tastebuds really!
Well I love kimchi. Especially if it’s been preserved for a long time. Bitter kimchi is definitely not my thing and it’s amazing how the Koreans have adapted the kimchi for a foreigner’s tastebuds in the past few years. ^_^ The refridgerated kimichi I keep buying keeps changing…!
Since I love kimchi I thought I might as well stop at this place Kimchee with MummyGeek which is located at the top of New Oxford Street from the Tottenham Court Road end. I can’t actually remember why I ended up around there but I was looking for a photobooth so that I can renew my passport… Oh it was difficult just finding a photobooth on a Sunday. Everywhere was closed or the booths didn’t work. I had ended up in Victoria Station taking my pictures!!
Outside Kimchee in New Oxford Street

Back to this place. It’s quite new. A few months old to be exact. This place used to be an Argos, and before that – I can’t remember! An electronics place? I’ve lived in London for too long…

At first, I thought they wouldserve hot food at the counter… Unfortunately it’s not one of those Korean restaurants. The actual Kimchee restaurant is located in Holborn. This one is just a “takeaway” store. So in this place you actually select your food from the fridges. There’s quite a selection too!!
I actually thought the food was on display and I would have to order at the counter, but no, you actually select the food from the fridge, take it the till and pay for it. You can takeaway or you can eat in. 
Small section of fridges

The eat in section is just massive! But I took mine away… 

Massive eating area with pretty lamp shades

 I chose the Cheese Kimchee Kimbap and the Yang Yeum Chicken (spicy chicken)…

My takeaway bag
Spicy Chicken and Cheese Kimbap
I was very curious about the Cheese Kimchee Kimbap because I’ve never had kimbap with cheese in it!! It had a very interesting taste to it. ^_^ Very cheesy and spicy at the same time.
Cheese Kimchee Kimbap

The Yang Yeum Chicken I remember very well… Tasty chicken, definitely spicy and just fried very well. The chicken was just tender. The sauce was quite runny when I got home, but it still tasted good.

Yang Yeum Chicken

Total cost came to £6.90. It is a tiny bit expensive, but at least there’s no service charge…

Need to try out their restaurant version – probably in a few months time…
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Good selection of cold and there’s also hot food, which you will probably need to ask the till people to heat up
– Ok service
– Good for lunches!!
Bad points:
– I think they can compensate some of the eating area with a couple more fridges to save having to walk all the way to the end if you want more food… just a thought…
Address: 106 New Oxford Street, London WC1 1HB
Telephone: 0207 637 0937