Marie’s Cafe – London Waterloo

At the time I was I was on leave in January (from work) when I had tonsillitis, I had went out with Miss Pinky who had time off from work to find some Thai food… This is going to be a very short post!!
I suggested this place Marie’s Cafe which is we, well Mr Picky, Miss Pinky and Master H had their breakfast before Hyper Japan last year. It was a must try for their Thai food!!
Marie’s Cafe
They have some basic lunch sets costing less than £6. Unfortunately service was really slow that afternoon. Not sure why. They probably expect a lot of people that day.
I had the chicken massan since I didn’t think my body could have handled spicy food that day. It was ok. I was actually expecting a bit more but you have to remember that this place is actually a cafe as well as a Thai restaurant. My chicken skewers were not bad.
Chicken skewers and chicken massan
I forgot what Miss Pinky had. I think it was beef mixed with vegetables. She hardly touched her chicken wings because it was practically burnt she said. Miss Pinky was not happy at all!
Miss Pinky’s food
Our meals cost £6.50 each, which is not bad. A cheap lunch set is better than nothing.
If you do end up going here I suggest the breakfasts more than the Thai food.
My geeky rating: 3/5
Good points:
– Cheap Thai food
– Breakfasts are popular
Bad points:
– Very slow service
– A bit cramped
– Not a lot of food
Address: 90 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7AB
Telephone: 020 7928 1050

2 thoughts on “Marie’s Cafe – London Waterloo

  1. Anonymous

    The prices are not bad, the food looks OK so slow service is a minor irritation. It looks like a good little cafe so next time i'm round waterloo I may well drop in.


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