Hong Kong Bistro Noodle Bar – Bath City

So after touring around the Roman Baths it was off to find food!! Miss Pinky and I were both starving as we hardly had anything to eat during that morning on our way to Bath and Stonehenge. We went to investigate the food areas, and I knew Miss Pinky really wanted a beer and a meal, but we couldn’t see a pub, (however we did see loads afterwards!). It’s not hard to get lost in the city centre of Bath but it is hard to find a good place to eat.
Some restaurants looked ok, but they were not what we wanted. Some were just the same as London, so we didn’t opt for those. In the end we ate Chinese food at Hong Kong Bistro Noodle Bar. ¬,¬”” How comes we always end up eating Chinese food? This is the reason why I have started to eat alone on some occasions as you will see in the next few blogposts…
Hong Kong Bistro Noodle Bar
May I just point out that Bath has A LOT of Chinese students most likely studying at Bath University. Plus they have a lot of Chinese tourists too, probably to look at the Roman Baths.
Anyway, we were handed two menus. One long one written in English, and then the shorter one was in Traditional Chinese and English. The menu cover was in Simplified Chinese, and I was telling that this place might not be authentic Hong Kongese style as some Chinese restaurants out of London tend to be managed by Mandarin speaking Chinese… However I was wrong! I admit to that!! It was run by Cantonese speaking staff, although I think the waiters/waitresses spoke Mandarin and probably needed to practice on the Cantonese side (otherwise my Cantonese was bad… ¬,¬). Blah.
I was having a hard time to choose as I didn’t know the quality of this restaurant, although it seemed like the popular choice amongst the Bath Citizens and also the Chinese students / residents.
In the end I chose the fried dumplings and curry beef brisket and rice! ^_^ Good choice I think! I also chose to have a bubble tea… Yay! (whilst Miss Pinky opted for Coke).
Miss Pinky doesn’t know what bubble tea is!! Shocking!!
The dumplings were nice and hot when they came out. I was very happy because they looked big and juicy inside. Ultimately one of the best places to have fried dumplings. I am salivating right now…
Fried dumplings
The curry beef brisket on the other hand was good, but the beef was a bit tough – it needed a bit more brewing time. Sauce and rice were brilliant, and they even added some radish into it. Never had radish with curry beef brisket before… Well big pieces of it anyway…
Curry beef brisket and rice
Miss Pinky ordered the duck and char siu noodle soup… Unfortunately it didn’t mention that it had prawns in it (she’s allergic to prawns). Miss Pinky was so lucky to have checked her food beforehand – she has to double check all the time when it comes to Chinese food!! It was very hard to get the staffs attention even with me holding up my hand for some service was quite difficult…! In the end Miss Pinky had to take her bowl of hot noodle soup to the front and ask for a new bowl… Miss Pinky sat there sad faced looking at me eat my food. 😦
Duck and char siu noodle soup… can you spot the prawn? I can!!
However she did have nice starters! Fried squid and crispy fried lamb! These were wonderful I have to say. Good texture and good flavouring.
Fried squid
Crispy fried lamb

Eventually Miss Pinky’s fresh bowl came. It had no prawns in it this time round…

We were both full, Miss Pinky couldn’t move, heheheh… Total price came to around £35, I think (it was over a week ago, and it was definitely less than £40!). To me the prices on the menu looked expensive compared to the pricesI get in London China Town. But because of the portion sizes, I think it was definitely worth it in the end.
My geeking rating: 4.5/5 (service and the prawns gave this place a lower mark, otherwise it would’ve got 5/5 because of portion sizes)
Good points:
– Good portion sized food
– Nice starters, really liked them
– Spacious restaurant
Bad points:
– Slow service
– Need to indicate ingredients in the dishes
– Expensive (but worth it)

Address: 33 Southgate St, Bath, Avon BA1 1TP

Telephone: 01225 318500

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