Mayday 五月天 – Now-Here Concert 2014 – London Wembley Arena

Woohoo!! Mayday 五月天 came back to London for their second concert which was supposed to be in September 2013 but was cancelled due to bad weather in the seas of Taiwan – their equipment couldn’t be shipped in time for the concert!! But thankfully they decided to do it differently this time round. Mayday 五月天 are going to hold a European Tour!! Woooow!! I was like, what? But you’ve been around London and some of the European places before (but didn’t realise it was going to be a tour ¬,¬”)… Anyway, I bought my ticket back in November 2013, and I was expecting a good seat… Wrong!! I got a bad seat…
If you can’t remember who Mayday 五月天 are read my previous blogpost here. So summary: there’s five members, Ashin (lead vocalist), Monster (lead guitarist), Stone (lead guitarist), Masa (bass guitarist) and Ming (drummer).
五月天!我不開心啦!因為我的坐位太低啦!看不到你!Translation: “Mayday! I’m not happy! My seat was too low! Couldn’t see at all!” 😦 Wembley Arena needs to sort out their seating arrangements. How do they expect people to see if it is expected that the people in front might stand up? Outrageous! The small screens didn’t help either… And I paid £68.75 in total for it 😦 I was also not pleased at how staff at Wembley Arena were stopping people using their cameras… I didn’t see them block others from using their phones! So disappointed. If concert goers want people to not use their phones and cameras, they should at least state this on the concert ticket (on the front in bold) or at the beginning of the concert like they do in the cinemas and theatres, not just randomly tell people to stop using our own equipment. That’s just selfishness!!!!!!!!!!! And that goes with all concert venues!!
This is how far back I was

Everyone in front just stood up… 😦

Everyone with their sticks

More people on this end
This years concert called Now-Here was almost the same to the previous concert they held in London with one additional new song towards the end…
Now I’m going to be quiet and show you all the pictures that managed to make it to this blogpost. ^_^ By the way, they subtitled their lyrics into English so that it could be understood by English speaking folks like me. Well done!!
Concert started but still can’t see a thing

Still can’t see

Had to zoom in for this picture

Yay, the music starts!

So far…



Blocked view 😦





I seriously need a flashlight app on my phone… Wave your phones people!

 They used nanoblock models in this part of the concert!!!!

nanoblock designs?

Like with their first concert, we waited for an encore… This time was a shorter wait for this one!! So happy!!

Bye bye Mayday 五月天
The audience wanted more, more I tell you! They stamped their feet and shouted out Mayday in Mandarin! 😀 And yes, we got a second encore!! Woohoo!!
And they are back!!

In the end it was an enjoyable concert, I think at one point one of the Wembley Arena staff was looking at us sad-looking people who couldn’t see a bloody thing… I don’t think she could see a thing either!! Don’t forget to come back Mayday 五月天 and next time I will get cheaper seats and sit near the top of somewhere…
p.s. If you go to Wembley Arena, never sit in Block E2 Row A… Ho-ri-ble. 😛
p.p.s Will try and upload the videos that I managed to take as soon as I can!
p.p.p.s I’m going to the Eason Chan concert next month, fingers crossed I get a good seat!!!!

Peeps and Geek followers, XD here’s the videos from the concert. I AM TREMENDOUSLY SORRY for the bad quality… Bad seat!!

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