Seoul Bakery – London St Giles Street (Moved to Great Russell Street)

Moved to 14 Great Russell Street.

Trying out more Korean eateries? Yes I am!! The Geek here seems to be making her way around the Korean places a lot more than usual… Can’t help it! Watching Korean dramas online makes me want to eat Korean food… Haven’t had a craving for sushi, katsu curry, curries in general and any other food that I usually like for a long time! (Lie – I’m craving for dim sum!).

So after watching The Lego Movie with Mr Stingy, which was really amazing by the way, I decided to head towards Oxford Street to look for a new backpack although I bought one in Hong Kong, however I wanted one for either work or travel. Couldn’t find one that I liked! Quite disappointed with all the branded bags so I decided I wanted to eat Korean food, and so I ended up in Seoul Bakery, which is a pretty famous little Korean restaurant. Even Korean celebrities have been here when they travelled to London. ^_^
Outside Seoul Bakery
It’s quite a small restaurant, I think seating about 13 people-ish. People unfortunately turn away and don’t want to wait if it’s already filled up which means this place loses out on a few pounds. The lower part of the restaurant I believe is a salon cute shop (I think), that’s why you see a map on the front leading you to the lower part of the restaurant.
Inside the restaurant… Sorry had to crop this, there was a woman staring at me whilst taking this pic… chill woman!
If you’re sitting and waiting (I didn’t care how long I had to wait, I just wanted food!!), and you LOVE K-pop, then I think you will be very, very surprised or even pleased to see (that’s if you’re not a regular) the autographs of Donghae from his visit in 2013, Siwon from 2012 and Shinee!!! Woooooow!!! I wonder where they sat?!!
Donghae’s autograph
Donghae and Siwon’s autograph – sorry for blurriness, was so excited!!
Shinee’s autographs – again, sorry for bluriness!!
I think I was seated quite quickly as I was only by myself. The people before me had ate really quickly I bet! Anyway, I was given a menu, I had a quick look which is quite extensive for a smallish restaurant. The prices were all reasonable, so I ordered 3 items. My heart was set out on a bibimbap, pancake and a cold coffee!! If you get bored after ordering, have a quick glance around you as you’ll see loads of sticky notes, paper notes and whatever scrap paper people used that day to put their own personal note on the wall… If you look closely at the walls, people originally hand wrote stuff on their before all these notes were placed on top. This is quite common is small eateries (where teenagers hang out I guess) in Korea. See in a lot of the dramas… 😛
The cooking area
Loads of wonderful sticky notes, papers, drawings ^_^ 
First came my Korean Cold Coffee. There’s nothing special about this really. It wasn’t as good as the Vietnamese coffee from the day before. Just plain milky coffee…
Cold Korean Coffee
Surprisingly my Beef (bulgogi) Bibimbap came in a silver bowl, the type that you’ll see Koreans in dramas eating out of when they’re at home. The ingredients are randomly added in, not like what you see in a hot stone version. Plus I got a fried egg with it too.
Beef (bulgogi) bibimbap
I was given a sauce bottle which contains Korean hot chilli paste, so I added some of that, and mashed up my whole bibimbap like you’re supposed to… Waaaah…. It looks like a lot, but it actually isn’t. I finished this within minutes because I was so hungry!! Definitely order a second item, as it is quite a small portion.
My bibimbap is all mashed up
Next came my kimchi pancake. I originally pointed at the seafood one (which I should have gone for), but I thought, ok why not… Well, this is quite salty and minutely spicy. But very well cooked indeed! I ate the whole thing!! I bet Mr Bear would have fought with me for this… Or was it the spring onion we had together in Bibimbap Soho?!!!
Kimchi pancake
In the end I felt I needed to draw something just to say I was there!! So I found an old receipt that faded away, probably had it for years! … I forgot to add a spoon and chopsticks to the drawing… Well I wrote 감사합니다 which is thank you in Korean. I forgot how to write it, so I quickly looked on my phone for it. ^_^
Love from The Geek ❤
So if you find it, it’s stuck with cellotape… (was sitting by a Chinese couple speaking in Cantonese… was pretending not to understand and spoke in English. I think the waitress thought I was Korean too!! Let’s just think I’m mixed Asian, and know a lot about food)… then you know where I sat. ^_^ Hopefully it’s still there and not destroyed by something…
Try and find it!! 
Total came to £13.65. I almost thought I had no cash!! Yes, this place only takes cash, so find that cash machine now!! This is one of the cheapest Korean places that you will find in London… But remember to prepare to wait.
My bill!
Left the place saying thank you in Korean. Heheheh.
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points: 
– Lots of choices of food for a small place
– Cheap food
– Friendly service
– Get to draw a doodle and stick it on the walls
– Can order takeaways if you can’t be bothered to wait
– Feels like you’re in a Korean home!!
– Don’t think I got service charge… Wow!!
Bad points:
– Not enough seating, have to wait if you’re willing during busy times
Address: 55 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH
Telephone: 020 7240 0877

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