Sweets From Heaven – London Charing Cross Road / Tottenham Court Road

There’s a new sweet shop in town, and it’s right next door to Leicester Square (and very close to China Town)! Yay!
I passed this a few weeks back, and I forgot all about it and I have this feeling that I’ll be there every month or so just to find new sweets. XD Arrrrggh, this is very bad for me since it will give me the highest chances of diabetes since it runs in my family… So maybe once every four months, would that be better? Well for one thing, some of the stuff is quite expensive, I already spent £21.74 in one go. I just kept seeing things at the counter, and couldn’t stop myself… ^_^
Sweets from Heaven in Charing Cross Road
Lots and lots of sweets in the windows
It’s like going into your favourite sweet store that stocks the unusual or the things that you could only find in foreign countries and NEVER in the UK.
In the shop
Here’s just a few things I came across… I think a lot of my blogging friends and readers who live around London are going to enjoy coming here every so often!! Make sure you save up loads!!
Milka Melo-cakes… What are those?
American cereals
Peanut butter and jelly a lots of peanut butter… Is that grape jelly/jam too?
I bought this Fluff stuff… want to know what it tastes like!!
More cereals
Look at all that!!
The cool sweets in the windows – a closer look
Oh my… this place should be called “diabetes heaven”
If you can’t get to the one in Charing Cross Road, there is one in Tottenham Court Road which is just opposite to Muji’s.
Sweets from Heaven in Tottenham Court Road
Be wise people. And don’t eat too many sweets!!
I will be reviewing the stuff I bought soon. So watch out for more posts. ^_^

Address in Charing Cross Road: 33 Charring Cross Road, London, WC2H OET
Address in Tottenham Court Road: 260 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7RF

Website: http://www.theheavengroup.com/

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