Hikari Sushi and Noodle Bar – London Kennington Road

After a disappointing Italian I wanted to eat something different. Didn’t want to eat at home because I didn’t want to cook and plus I had no one to go out with that evening… I’ve passed this restaurant called Hikari many times, and I think it was time I had to try it out!! I think it used to be a pub many years ago and now converted into a restaurant. I have been waiting for Miss Pinky to come with me, but she takes forever…
Hikari Sushi and Noodle Bar
As I entered I realised it was practically empty. There were a couple of people there already, but they were about to finish their food… I also realised that I seem to go to a lot of empty restaurants… Why’s that?! Not popular, not blogged about, no one cares or people just want to keep this place as a secret location???… So once again The Geek strikes up the opportunity!
Empty restaurant 😦
Once seated, I kind of already knew what I wanted to order but I just needed to find it on the menu! When I had a look at the menu it looked very pan-Asian to me, as in there was a wide variety such as Chinese dishes, Thai dishes, Malaysian dishes as well as Japanese!
So here’s what I had…
I had a lemon iced tea. Gosh this was really good. Not too sweet and had all the right elements to it.
Iced Lemon Tea
I had this rainbow sushi which had 5 different types of fish on top. When I saw it, I thought wow I can’t wait to try this!! All I can say about it is that it was delicious! Probably better than going to a Japanese takeaway. The sushi rice was not too vinegary and it tasted so fresh that I actually left it to last to eat the remaining  pieces. You can get these sushi rolls in 5 or 8 pieces for different prices.
By the way, I think they make their own wasabi paste as it tasted quite sweet!
Rainbow sushi roll
From the top
Next I ordered the Spicy Chicken Ramen. It looked quite stunning when the chef brought it out. I thought I was actually going to enjoy it… But then when I looked at the ramen, it was the Chinese yellow thick noodles. That was a little disappointing. What was also disappointing was the amount of chicken pieces in my noodle soup… not a lot in there… Also they used choi sum (Chinese leaves) instead of any Japanese style vegetables. But soup was good, it had a lot of spice in it and at least I got half an egg!
Spicy chicken ramen
They used yellow noodles
 In the end I did ask for some takeaway sushi and I ordered the dragon sushi roll. 
My takeaway dragon sushi roll
Total bill including the takeaway came to £25. I so recommend this place. So if you are near the Waterloo area, or just coming out of the Imperial War Museum or just need somewhere to quietly eat lunch (maybe), then definitely try it out.

p.s. I think the owners are not Japanese but the waitress can speak Mandarin!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Very fresh sushi
– Friendly service
– Affordable 
– Quiet place to eat lunch and dinner
Bad points:
– Not the right ramen was used in my noodle soup

Address: 2 Kennington Rd, London SE1 7BL
Telephone: 020 7401 3976

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